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10 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets of 2023

Crypto wallets can be software or hardware applications that store your cryptocurrency with utmost safety. It is a crucial tool for purchasing, trading, and promoting cryptocurrency for traders and merchants. Your private keys, as well as passwords, are kept secure and readily available with crypto wallets. These wallet apps are really quick, advanced, safe, and simple to use. 

With several crypto wallets, you have easy methods to communicate with the blockchain. The demand for reliable and secure crypto storage options is at an all-time high as the financial market for digital currency grows. For crypto investors, the market offers various crypto wallets like hot, cold, custodial, and non-custodial wallets.

The top 10 crypto wallets are listed in this article for you to explore in 2023.

List of best crypto wallet apps

01. ZenGo

It is a secure non-custodial  best crypto wallet that runs on Web3. The main feature this wallet provides is that it removes the vulnerability associated with the private keys, which makes the overall process of investing simple yet secure for cryptocurrency. Individuals can effortlessly create their crypto wallet accounts in less than 60 seconds on ZenGo. This wallet is also secured by encrypted biometrics, which adds another layer of security to it.

The 3FA security provided by the best crypto wallet includes features like mail, recovery file, and face recognition. Alongside, it also uses MPC cryptography so that users always have a way to access their crypto. The clear sign firewalls embedded with this wallet make the whole user experience seamless.


  • Users can buy and sell from the bitcoin wallet itself
  • The interface is easy to follow by all, including beginners
  • Private keys can be recovered with ease using the wallet
  • Multiple Dapps are also included within; users can discover them through wallet connect.


  • There is limited access to cryptocurrency in ZenGo 
  • It is a partial non-custodial crypto wallet.

02. Coinbase

Coinbase is amongst the best crypto wallets for beginners to buy, sell, transfer, and digitally store currencies all in the same place. This crypto wallet supports over 100 countries and 500+ crypto assets. All the different coins can be stored in one place in the Coinbase Wallet. The non-custodial wallet is beneficiary as it allows individuals to access their private keys.

These keys are only accessible through a 12-word recovery seed phrase when you sign up for your wallet. Other security features of this wallet include 2FA, biometric logins, and AES-256 encryption for the operated digital wallet.


  • The overall interface is user friendly which is easy to understand and follow through
  • It is multiple signatures secured and a 2-factor authenticated wallet
  • There is an advanced support option for cloud backup; for the protection of private keys, one can opt it
  • Vault safety is there to store the funds with the facility of time-delayed withdrawals
  • Traders can trade and put the currency directly in the market by linking the bank account to the wallet easily


  • Limited types of trades are enabled in this wallet
  • When we see at the crypto coins, the transaction fee is quite high

03. Binance

A central exchange platform with all the required crypto trading features like secure asset funds, personalized control on accessing the funds, and advanced data encryption. It was founded in 2017 by a software developer. Due to their $100 billion + daily trading volume, they are trusted for their services over the globe.

They have their own coin BNB, which ranks among the top 5 cryptocurrencies globally. Leading crypto features of the Binance wallet are auto-invest as per market position, staking, DeFi, futures and options, and P2P trades. Their security system is super safe; this crypto wallet ensures 2FA, management of multiple devices, whitelisting addresses, and cold storage at the same time. Almost 95% of these wallet coins are stored in cold storage.


  • It provides personal access control, where you can restrict devices and addresses that access your account.
  • End-to-end encryption with transaction data security
  • The range of trading options and order types are wide to select from the crypto wallet
  • Their comprehensive charting feature makes it easy for traders to conduct an analysis


  • A significantly off-track system when it comes to customer support

04. Metamask

It is popular between best crypto wallets that functions over a blockchain application. The passwords and keys are generated within the device to keep them private and secure. This wallet offers multiple features to investors: a key vault, token wallet, secure login, and token exchange for managing various cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

While interacting on the new decentralized web, which is not that well known, users always control their transactions through blockchain-based applications due to their utmost security. Single users have access to the account, improving data privacy and inclusivity of the funds.


  • Provides a swap feature for token exchange anywhere around the world
  • Customize the option to select the range of transaction fees as per your requirement
  • At some points, beginners can also set up the gas fee accordingly
  • This wallet is well integrated with the ledger devices in use
  • There is a plus point in the form of automatic account backup


  • Token’s support system is there, but for ERC 20 and Ethereum, only
  • There is only one security concern that arises due to connectivity with the internet

05. Speed Wallet

Speed Wallet is an advanced platform that simplifies the day-to-day payment experience for its users. It is one of its kind best crypto wallets that runs on a lightning network, on-chain, and on LNURL. The intriguing features of the Speed wallet make it unique compared to other crypto wallets. There are no additional transactional charges. Users can effectively set up their wallets and, with 2 simple steps, make instant payments.

Speed allows global payments that are secure, fast, and reliable with a free storage option of pre-existing cryptocurrency. This dynamic crypto wallets comes with a simple user interface and 2FA. Without any third-party applications, one can transect using Speed Wallet.

Easily download Speed Wallet on your mobile and get started with your unique and best crypto wallet experience.


  • Simple signup in a few steps
  • Access various merchant features through your wallet
  • Free Bitcoin storage with the utmost security
  • No transaction charges, just a small network fee


  • Currently supports Bitcoin only

06. SafePal Crypto Wallet

The main feature of the SafePal wallet is that it supports various crypto assets and well-known stablecoins too. It is also integrated with Binance, which makes the trading process easy for users. It is one of the most accepted and secured hot wallets, which is supported in 190+ countries.

The unique features are quite helpful, like easy swaps between different digital assets and in-app integration with mini-programs. This runs over the decentralized applications, providing safety to your crypto wallet.


  • Supports various Dapps for users to interact with
  • The wallet allows you to sell NFTs all across the marketplace
  • Fund vaults are secured with Web3 security and private keys
  • Easy-to-follow design with an interactive user interface


  • This wallet does not support the latest released cryptocurrencies
  • The customer support program is limited at this time
  • It can be hard for beginners to follow the wallet

07. Trust Wallet

This crypto wallet acquires a clean and scannable user interface. There is built-in support for NFTs and Dapps with multiple assets listed in this crypto wallet. Although Trust Wallet is connected to Binance, they do not take custody of the private keys; therefore, users must take the required precautions to protect their keys.

All over 65 blockchains are supported, allowing customers to interact with many of the digital assets. Another feature of the wallet is a built-in Web3 browser for direct access to all the blockchain games and varied Dapps. With their decentralized exchange, users can store the purchased tokens.


  • Provides the interest over 12 various cryptocurrency
  • Strong support system for viable coins and tokens
  • The interface is simple to use, with built-in Web3 browser support


  • It is integrated with Binance and facing regulatory issues in united states territories
  • Limited resources for educational coins as well as tokens

08. Ambire Wallet

Sign up with an email and password to this crypto wallet– the Ambire wallet can also be connected to hardware wallets. There is ensured safety as the wallet is open-sourced and audited by trusted external sources. There are smart contracts with battle-tested features.

The Advanced visualization feature shows the transaction data in an analytical and chart format that avoids malicious attack activities or human error. There is a facility to add funds to the wallet through multiple mediums like cards, banks, or wire transfers with few minimum steps.


  • Easy to be established with the hardware wallets
  • Highly secure with 2FA and on-time audits
  • Seamless to switch between L1 and L2 with built-in bridge
  • You can choose to pay network fee in stablecoins
  • Provides airdrop rewards of tokens for staking currency in the Ambire wallet


  • One can not extend any mobile app in this wallet.
  • There is no service to connect the hardware wallets.

09. Edge Wallet

A hot wallet for crypto traders that is advanced and secured. Provides multi-asset support on varied digital currencies with a seamless transaction process. Edge Wallet has high-security features and can protect your crypto coins, digital assets, and all passwords from hackers.

Its in-app buy-and-sell feature makes it easy for users to conduct any of the transactions without any difficulties.


  • Its secure crypto ecosystem allows users to keep their funds
  • With the username and passcode, one can backup all the lost data
  • Easy to access in different methods through a pin on the application or biometric.


  • Its feature of multiple device login can become a security hazard for funds.
  • No conversion support for fiat currency in the app
  • Edge Wallet does not provide web support for customers.

10. Exodus

Exodus is one of the multi-functioned best crypto wallet apps. What makes it really best for clients is the speed of its transactions, ease of use, and various functionalities. Initially, the wallet was supported over desktops but then launched its apps on IOS and Android for easy access.

The unique selling point of Exodus is that it supports 260+ crypto assets, which is very advanced compared to other well-known hot wallets.


  • For different transactions, there are customizable charges
  • It does not wait for blockchain verification and goes for single-payment authentication
  • This hot wallet is compatible with the Trezor hardware wallet
  • Supports Apple Pay so that users can buy Bitcoin


  • If the in-wallet crypto exchange is used, then there are high transaction charges
  • No 2FA can lead to potential fraud
  • Does not support multi-signature on an account


Crypto wallets’ success is increased by their straightforward user interfaces and transaction data for currency and token exchanges. All Bitcoin wallets have different features, some of which are advantages and others which are disadvantages. In this piece, we’ve included a few of the top cryptocurrency wallets for you in your quest to better your trading abilities.

Customers frequently focus on the sophisticated features that a crypto wallet provides. Based on their requirements and preferences, users choose a cryptocurrency wallet, and an easy-to-use user interface is frequently at the top of their list of priorities. A few crypto wallets like Speed-Bitcoin payment processors are readily available in the app stores as free downloads, but others need charges for more premium features. You can select a wallet using the list of cryptocurrencies we’ve provided above.

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