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Lightning Bitcoin payment processor for businesses of all sizes to accept online or in-person payments and send payouts at low fees.

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One platform for all business payments

We bring together all the no-code solutions for business of all sizes. Speed payment processor power payments for online and in-person retailers, subscriptions, SaaS, marketplaces, and everything in between to accept Bitcoin payments.

Our goal is to offer a user-friendly, secure Bitcoin payment processor that allows both individuals and businesses to send and receive Bitcoin payments.

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Designed for Enterprise

Lightning payment infrastructure for the internet

Save R&D and engineering time by using ready to use lightning infrastructure with simple & powerful developer APIs. We have built modern payment rails so your business can build for the future with Bitcoin. Integrate payment processor with just a lines of code to accept Bitcoin payments.

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Liquidity management by Speed Bitcoin Payment Processor
Liquidity management

Speed manages and handles all the complexities of node management, liquidity, security and everything for Bitcoin.

Lightning APIs by Speed Bitcoin Payment Processor
Lightning APIs

Our APIs and SDKs are for seamless integrations with your systems. Leverage all the features that Speed offers and automate.

Fully Managed Services by Speed Bitcoin Payment Processor
Fully managed services

Speed manages and rolls out new features regularly with managing bugs if any. No need for manual software updates.

Payment addresses by Speed Bitcoin Payment Processor
Payment addresses

Create unique payment address similar to email address which is easy to remember to collect Bitcoin payments.

Programmable wallets by Speed Bitcoin Payment Processor
Programmable wallets

Upgrade your digital wallet to support Bitcoin lightning and on-chain payments with ready infrastructure.

LNURL Support by Speed Bitcoin Payment Processor
LNURL support

Experience the ease integration with the confidence that our knowledgeable team is just a message away.


Your global Bitcoin payment processor

Our payment processor helps to improve cash flow, ease of business operations and expand your business. We focus on utmost security for your Bitcoins. Accept payments on the go, globally.

Scale globally with Speed Bitcoin Payment Processor

Your global Bitcoin payment processor

Our payment processor helps to improve cash flow, ease of business operations and expand your business. We focus on utmost security for your Bitcoins. Accept payments on the go, globally.










Powerful solutions for global business

Our Bitcoin payment gateway is adaptable to every industry, whether you’re a business ready to integrate new-age payments or ready to build your own Bitcoin powered financial product. Global expansion with fast payments, lower fees and enhanced security.

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E-commerce solution by Speed Bitcoin Payment Processor
Solution for Exchange & miners by Speed Bitcoin Payment Processor
Solution for payment platforms by Speed Bitcoin Payment Processor
Payment solutions for Brick & Mortar by Speed Bitcoin Payment Processor
Solutions for SaaS by Speed Bitcoin Payment Processor
Payment solutions for Creator economy by Speed Bitcoin Payment Processor
Payment solutions Gamin by Speed Bitcoin Payment Processor


Use Speed's plug-and-play plugins to easily integrate Bitcoin payments into your website with a few clicks.


Exchange & miners

Enable withdrawal and deposits of Bitcoin and stable coin using lightning infrastructure.

Coming soon

Payment platforms

Add Bitcoin payment method to existing fiat payment gateways to attract more businesses globally.

Coming soon

Brick & mortar

Reduce the wait time for your customers by providing a QR to pay or create on-table checkout QR.

Coming soon


Generate automated professional invoices using white labeling. Save time & man hours spent on billing.

Coming soon

Creator economy

Create unique payment addresses and drive increased creator-to-fan engagement by unlocking tipping.

Coming soon


Integrate Bitcoin payment address for players to accept prizes, tips & donations.

Coming soon

Power your apps to accept Bitcoin

Use Speed developer API to add crypto payment processor to your payment gateway. Speed comes with open-source and easy to use public APIs to integrate Bitcoin payments. The API documentation is maintained and updated regularly.

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Developer APIs by Speed Bitcoin Payment Processor

API docs

Our robust developer APIs and documentation to create integration with the Speed payment platform.


Developer tools

Use developers tools like libraries, SDKs, Speed.js and CLI to help in rapid integration and getting live.


Tools for every stack

Get extensive support from in-house and external developers integrating with Speed.


Security at our core

Built-in security features help prevent anyone but you from accessing your data.

Security first

Security first

We have implemented best-in-class security controls and modern infrastructure, monitored 24/7 to keep your account safe



Speed products are hosted on AWS which is SOC2 Type II and ISO 27001 certified.



Sessions between you and the Speed platform are protected with in-transit encryption using TLS 1.2 or above. Our data is encrypted with AES 256 algorithm.

Network isolation

Network isolation

Speed products are hosted on PVC, the majority of our stacks are on a private subnet that is inaccessible via the internet.

Supercharge sales

Power your e-commerce store

Integrate Speed Bitcoin payment processor with the popularly used e-commerce platforms. You can easily start selling in any country and start accepting Bitcoin payments, there are no intermediaries involved.

  • PrestaShop

    Instant 5 minutes integration to start accepting Bitcoin payments.

  • OpenCart

    Reach a wider audience and start selling globally with low transaction fees.

  • WooCommerce

    Provide your customers more ways to pay for your products

  • Magento

    Smooth integration, allowing the customer to pay using Bitcoin.

Know Speed

Questions? look here.

Everything you need to know about Speed Bitcoin payment processor.

Speed is a leading Bitcoin payment processor. We cater to businesses of all sizes & individuals to accept Bitcoin payment either on-chain or over lightning network. All the solutions available can be directly used from our web app or can be integrated using developer friendly APIs with updated documentation.

Yes, Speed supports both on-chain & lightning network transactions. Merchant and customers can choose which method would they prefer to send or receive Bitcoins.

0% transaction fee is applicable on total volume of 0.5 BTC. Once 0.5 BTC is received in your Speed account, 1% transaction fee is applicable. Custom plans are available for businesses where the volume is 10 BTC or more monthly.

Yes, Speed has an update to date documentation available on how to integrate and use. Documentation available on docs.tryspeed.com is a great support for developers. Using Speed developer API businesses can easily create multiple solutions.

Speed is the most secure wallet to send & receive Bitcoin for your daily services. Sign up and instantly start using the wallet without the need of going through long sign up process before you start using your Bitcoins.

You can receive Bitcoin either via on-chain or lightning network. Create your payment address that is easy to remember or QR code to start receiving Bitcoins in your Speed wallet.

Yes, you can easily withdraw your Bitcoin to an external wallet without any minimum amount. Just tap on send, enter the payment address or scan the QR of the wallet and send.

Speed does not charge any transaction fee. However there is a small network fee applied, which is charged by the miners to add your transaction to the block.

Yes, Speed offers ready-to-use APIs to build multiple solutions on top of it. Like, Exchanges can add Speed to fiat to BTC ramp up.

For businesses and individuals who operate their business offline can collect payments using One QR, Wallet App or integrate payment links with POS system.

For businesses who have website & wish to collect online payments integrate – Payment links, Plugins& Checkout with their website.

Solutions like One QR, Invoice, Checkout, & Payment links can be easily used directly from our Speed web app.

Yes, Speed has plugins developed for popularly used platforms like – Opencart, WooCommerce, Magento and Prestashop. The integration can be done in less than 10 mins, documentation is available on Speed.dev.

Speed has a wide range of payment solutions which can be implemented for all sizes of businesses. Industries that benefit the most are – Marketplace, Brick & Mortar, Payment Platforms, E-commerce and many more.

We offer both instant payout & automated payout. Instant payouts are processed almost instantly within the time frame of 10 mins to 1 hour. Transfer your Bitcoin from your Speed account anytime. You can payout your Bitcoins anytime, there are no public holiday or intermediary hindrances.

Yes, if you want to payout the balance manually (on-chain) a minimum of 1000 SATS and maximum 5 BTC in one go, this excludes the payout fee. However for automated payouts & manual payout on LN there is no minimum amount required to schedule.

Accept multiple Bitcoin payments with payment links through on-chain or the lightning network. You can use these links to collect cross-border donations, crowdfunding & payments.

A ready-to-use checkout optimized for customer conversions can be easily integrated with your e-commerce platform. Customize the page with your brand elements to maintain consistent branding.

Create a static QR code, which you can easily display on the screen or print it and place it. Your customers can scan, enter the amount to paid. No integration is required to start accepting Bitcoin payments.

These are ready to use invoices which can be customized as per your brand standards, you won’t need another paid software or integration to create invoices. You can directly send them via email or download the pdf.


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