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Accept Bitcoin payments in-person, online globally with no-code solution at low cost. From startups to enterprise, Speed is for all.

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Global reach

Reach a wider audience globally by adding an additional payment method to your business.

No charge- backs

Avoid fraudulent chargeback claims, no transactions can reversed. Manual refund has to be processed in an actual case.

Lesser charges

Save more than 80% on transaction fee as compared to traditional payment methods. No more intermediary costs.


Improved payment experience for your customers

Speed’s no-code online Bitcoin payment suite delivers seamless customer experience. Helping you increase revenue, go global and saving thousands of development hours with pre-built solutions, ready to use. Easily customize checkout page with your branding and domain.

Increased conversions

Solution to accept online Bitcoin payments

Pre-built checkout page

Increased conversion rate with quick checkouts
  • Easily embed the checkout page or share it from web app
  • Customize your color, fonts and add your logo
  • Provide quick checkout, customer scan & pay. no need to enter payment details
E-commerce POS integration Billing software

Instant settlement

We provide instant settlement in your Speed account. You can process instant manual payouts at anytime.

Automatic conversion

Real-time exchange rate is applied to all the payments. Whether you are receiving or making a payout.

On-chain & lightning

Accept or send payments as per your preference. We are compatible with over 100 wallets, support both methods.

in-person PAYMENTS

Set up in-person Bitcoin payments at no-cost

With Speed’s in-person Bitcoin payment solutions provide a quick & better payment experience to your customers, resulting in lesser wait time for them. Start using the in-person payments instantly without any KYC or additional hardware. All you need is your smartphone for our mPOS and Wallet or print the One QR and display it.

Time saved to integrate


Simple, reliable payouts that scale with your business

Merchants can payout near instantly via on-chain or lightning network or schedule automated payout. Transfer your Bitcoin from your Speed account anytime. There are no public holiday or intermediary hindrances. You gain more control over your funds and can freely manage them in your preferred Bitcoin or Stablecoin wallet.

Manual payouts time reduced

Solution to send Bitcoin payments

Own your Bitcoin, payout anytime

Faster, low cost & secure payouts to your third-party wallet
  • Control your funds and access them anytime
  • Automate payouts to your wallet or schedule payments
  • Low cost on-chain or lightning transfer to your third-party wallet
Automated payouts Manual Payouts Donation

One-time use link to send payments

Easiest & fastest way to make payments
  • Password protected links for your vendors & customers
  • Customise your withdraw page with company branding
  • No intermediaries or public holiday delays
Reimbursement Commission Vendor Payments

Power your e-commerce store

Integrate Speed Bitcoin payment processor with the popularly used e-commerce platforms. You can easily start selling in any country and start accepting Bitcoin payments, there are no intermediaries involved.

  • PrestaShop

    Instant 5 minutes integration to start accepting Bitcoin payments.

  • OpenCart

    Reach a wider audience and start selling globally with low transaction fees.

  • WooCommerce

    Provide your customers more ways to pay for your products

  • Magento

    Smooth integration, allowing the customer to pay using Bitcoin.

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