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Best Cold Wallets For 2023

A cold wallet is a cryptocurrency storage solution that is not connected to the internet. Cold wallets are physical devices that can be bought per storage needs. These cold storage wallets are also called Hardware wallets and are usually in physical form like a USB stick. In terms of storage, cold wallets are considered the most secure, as hackers need to get that device along with its secure password to have access to them.

The following article will show various cold wallets with their features and benefits.

List of top 10 cold wallets of 2023

We have analyzed and brought out the best crypto cold wallets for you from multiple cold storage wallets for crypto.

Explore these top 10 best cold wallets for your crypto storage in 2023:

01. Ledger Nano X

Ledger provides its 2nd generation cold wallet – Ledger Nano X, one of the preferable wallets. Users can manage, exchange and buy their crypto on the go. This device can be connected to the desktop for accessing keys; in case your laptop is unavailable, you can operate it effectively through an Android or iOS device.

Ledger Live software is included; through this, one can check their balance and send and receive currencies. It supports over 1800+ coins and tokens. One of its main features includes coin staking, where users can win rewards based on their wallet balance.

Price: $149

Pros Cons
This physical wallet is computer and mobile friendly. Assets and tokens cannot be purchased through this.
Secure storage is provided at a reasonable price. Its Bluetooth services are compatible with mobile apps and not with the desktop version.
3 to 20 apps can be stored in this cold storage device. It cannot store more than 100 applications.
Supports multiple kinds of digital assets. Bluetooth features can generate a security risk.


02. Trezor Model T

This is an encrypted cold wallet and provides touchscreen features. It is cold crypto storage that allows users to have third-party exchange access. This feature helps in operating the device more efficiently.

Trezor T is an updated version of Trazor One, the world’s 1st crypto cold storage wallet. Trezor can store multiple crypto keys with ease. It is already compatible with various software wallets. It supports over 1000+ cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Price: $219

Pros Cons
The Touchscreen display is there in a colorful format. It does not support the iOS system.
Private keys are isolated with a pin and passphrase. Somewhat more expensive than other hardware wallets.
Supports various devices like the web, desktop, and Android. Only limited cryptocurrencies can be purchased through fiat.
Currency can be bought in fiat and exchanged within the wallet. If the recovery phrase gets lost, then there is no backup option in the same.


03. SafePal S1

This crypto storage wallet provides its customers with safe, simple, easy-to-use crypto management solutions. It supports over 19 blockchains and 10,000+ crypto tokens and NFTs. Several security elements like recovery seed, 2FA, and passphrase can be combined.

It is one of the stylish cold storage wallets with Android and iOS support. It comes up with a powerful 400mAh battery. Staking and reward features are provided in SafePal.

Price: $49.99

Pros Cons
Both independent and combined security elements. The device is not quite portable.
It is one of the affordable cold storage wallets. It supports only limited numbers of coins.
Works on self-destructive mechanisms in case of forced access and malware attack. Currently, it does not support some latest cryptocurrencies like Monero, Litecoin, EOS, and TRON.
There is 24/7 community support provided by them. It is more prone to physical damage due to its design.


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04. ELLIPAL Titan Bundle

It is the world’s first air-gapped cold wallet and provides complete network isolation. This device has no online component that keeps it completely safe.

Being an air-gapped wallet, it has no added security layer. Still, it is entirely offline, making it a unique cold storage wallet for cryptocurrency. It is supported on Android and iOS devices.

Price: $169

Pros Cons
Complete isolation from the internet network. It is a little bulky compared to other hardware wallets.
Protected from both remote and online attacks. The customer support system is a bit slow with them.
In case of a breach, it automatically detects it and eliminates the data. It supports a limited number of assets.
This hardware provides fast and accurate backup. ELLIPAL is not compatible with desktop.


05. CoolWallet Pro

It is a mobile cold wallet that can be connected easily to the device with the help of an encrypted Bluetooth connection up to a 10m radius. With CoolWallets, one can interact with different assets like DeFi, Dapps, and NFTs.

Multilayer cold storage security is provided using EAL 6+, AES256, which is Bluetooth encrypted. Five processors control the power management of this hard crypto wallet.

Price: $149

Pros Cons
Offers Bluetooth option for both Android and iOS. Choices of staking coins are limited.
Currencies can be tracked, viewed, and exchanged through this cold wallet. There is no live support from their end.
Allows the users to earn rewards through crypto staking. Battery life is relatively short compared to other physical wallets.
Connecting and integrating with mobile apps is easy.


06. Keystone Pro

An entire air-gapped cold storage wallet includes a four-inch touchscreen with open-source firmware and a secure fingerprint. For protection from malicious attacks and additional security, it offers PSBT Bitcoins.

QR codes can be integrated into this cold wallet for signing a transaction. Being a waterproof device, it is a perfect storage solution for the recovery phase.

Price: $169

Pros Cons
With the fingerprint sensor device can be unlocked, and transactions are signed. Coins can not be exchanged directly from the cold wallet.
It provides an anti-tamper and self-destructs mechanism. The onscreen keyboard is small to operate on the device.
Easy swap between cryptocurrency exchanges within the wallet software. Cryptos can not be bought and sold from the software.
A recovery phrase backup card is offered from their end.


07. Blockstream Jade

For multiple digital asset issuance, Blockstream has evolved, whether mining or developing a liquid network. It has an extensive network with Bitcoin and is considered a respected hardware wallet. This hardware wallet is a secure Bitcoin cold storage wallet.

It supports multiple assets on the liquid network; they operate on its native Blockstream green software. It is significantly less expensive and provides primary security features like a ledger wallet.

Price: $65

Pros Cons
It supports multi-signs for better operations. In terms of blockchain, it only supports bitcoins
Provides QR code scanning through a built-in camera. There is an element chip missing for security.
Open-source codes are there for both hardware and softwares. Bluetooth can only be accessed with iOS mobile devices.
Supports blind server authentication and passphrase protection.


08. BitBox02

This is one of the multi-function crypto hardware wallets; this wallet comes in two versions; the 1st one only supports Bitcoin, while the other one supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and ERC20 tokens. The backup of this wallet can be taken in a microSD card; also, it supports USB port C.

Its easy-to-use feature helps isolate cryptocurrency and its private keys from external attacks. This wallet is created by shift crypto, a swiss based company.

Price: $149

Pros Cons
Security features are top tired in this wallet. It is a bit expensive compared to the features it provides.
It supports both desktops and mobile wallets. There is no support when it comes to iOS.
Supports other assets like DeFi and NFTs. The number of supported assets is limited in BitBox02.
It is simple to understand, and a beginner can also start using it immediately.


09. Arculus

A cold storage wallet to keep your private keys safe on a key card. It supports significant cryptocurrencies and provides 3FA for secure transactions. It comes in integration with a mobile application that can be used to transfer funds and check the available balance.

This provides a perfect combination of security and convenience through its blend of hardware and software. Its key card and application make it easy for users to manage their assets with the safety of their private keys.

Price: $99

Pros Cons
There is an easy switch alternative to a hot and cold wallet. Being a metal card, there are no advanced options available.
Keys are generated through a random number generator for security. The application provided is not compatible with other devices.
Additional security is provided via 3FA. It is relatively new and still under some changes.
Comes with an intuitive mobile application for easy exchange.


10. KeepKey

It supports over 40 cryptocurrencies, and the port of the KeepKey is of Trezor code and firmware. It is one of the competitors of top wallets in cold crypto storage, preventing physical and virtual threats.

KeepKey can be used on any computer without any hassle, even if it is affected by malware. Recovery of the account can be made through the google chrome extension.

Price: $78

Pros Cons
This is a beginner’s friendly wallet with an easy interface. It supports less currencies than its competitors.
It is a considerable, secure cold storage wallet. There is no backup option which is a downside to it.
Provides innovative touchscreen features. This wallet does not calculate the estimated transaction cost for a transfer.
This wallet is integrated with Shapeshift, making it easy to convert into other currencies.



The safety of the currencies transferred is most important in any form. Cold wallets are gaining popularity due to their no-network connectivity and secure storage. Similarly, cold storage wallets provide offline security to the cryptocurrency. These wallets have different prices and features with some advancements and few drawbacks.

In this article, you have seen some of such top cold storage wallets which you can consider for the safety of your cryptocurrencies. With deep analysis, we bring you all those wallets with their features and pricing to help you decide what works best in your favor.

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