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What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

With the idea of making it a means of daily transactions, Bitcoin was launched in 2009. It was supposed to be a global medium to buy any possible thing like a cup of coffee, a computer, or an apartment. But it is taking more time than expected to establish its trajectory among all. It is more accessible for criminal activities than supposed products and services.

Bitcoin has acquired a broader objective than we think, growing daily. With people becoming more aware of and exploring this digital currency, the commodity market is also responding positively. The graph of many retailers and Bitcoin payment processors has seen a hike in the recent few years.

A globally accepted currency can be easily spent on anything you wish for. This guide covers an overall view of what an individual can buy using Bitcoin.

How to spend Bitcoin on anything?

Bitcoin payment processors like Speed are simplifying the way people spend their Bitcoins. People don’t have to go through exchanges to expend their funds. There are many ways to buy everything they need, but there are three most forwarded manners you can follow.

  • Spend directly from your wallets by shopping through companies that accept Bitcoins as a mainstream mode of payment.
  • Identify the retailers who provide Bitcoin gift cards in exchange for BTCs, which can be spent anywhere for the required product or services.
  • Buy from online stores that are Bitcoin-friendly and include Bitcoin cards, cash, and local commodities on their sites.

List of things you can buy with Bitcoins

There can be different opinions on how one should spend their Bitcoin funds. Despite that, there are multiple things that one can buy through Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

1. Accessories and Clothes

Established brands, from fashion to accessories, are now in massive competition. To tackle a single flow situation of marketing, many renowned businesses have started to deal directly with Bitcoin. Another add-on is that people can buy the gift card of their required amount and then spend it at these stores. Brands that accept Mastercards have started accepting Bitcoin cards too. By getting these products with Bitcoin, global brands can reach out to their potential clients and customers to get a wide market of their choices.

2. Airline Tickets

Airline tickets and other booking services can be arranged with Bitcoin and now many chartered flights also accept it. In another way, with Bitcoin cards, users can get online booking confirmation, and the chances of getting frauds are also reduced. Many global airlines now offer tickets over Bitcoin to reduce the hassle of offline waiting periods and the prolonged settlement of card payments.

UATP is a global payment method that allows the top airlines to accept crypto, which implies that its members like JetBlue, Air Canada, Air China, Delta, and many more provide their tickets in exchange for Bitcoin or any other crypto.

3. Amazon Gift Cards

There are no direct ways through which anyone can shop in Bitcoin on Amazon, but with other methods, one can easily buy anything online on it. Users can pay through Bitcoin credit cards at checkout or buy Amazon gift cards using Bitcoin from trusted sources and then use them at purchase. Amazon Marketplace is vast and one can avail anything they need. With the help of gift cards, customers indirectly pay for their purchases in the form of Bitcoin.

Some of these cards came with a used date limit and others are of lifetime availability. So when going for the Amazon gift card option make sure to check out this and then get it accordingly.

4. Apple products

Apple products, gears, and accessories are in high demand around the world. People are also constantly updating their Apple products when their enhanced versions are launched. Buying it with Bitcoin is a better option; although Apple does not accept it directly, one can use a debit card or get gift cards in exchange for Bitcoins for purchases. Being counted as a luxury product, Apple has a high valuation for its products and is in demand all over the world.

Bitcoin is of great use in this case and customers can use this global currency to get any Apple product of their wish.

5. Boats and Ships

Luxury is the new statement in this modern world. People worldwide can get the boats and Yachts of their choice through Bitcoin. For that, some companies like Denison Yachting accept Bitcoin and crypto payments directly. This also eliminates the extra charges applied by intermediaries or payment processors, also customers find it more reliable to directly pay the provider. If you want a yacht trip and don’t want the option of buying it, then service providers like The Yacht Break allow customers to charter a boat through Bitcoin. It is similar to buying travel tickets or renting a car just with Bitcoin.

6. Books

Local bookstores in the US and other countries are now heading toward the option of accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. From hardcover books to e-books, everything can be obtained directly with Bitcoin. People can shop online or in person at multiple retail stores using cards or vouchers. You can access the content of native as well as international writers by paying them directly with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.

7. Cars and its Spare Parts

In the field of expensive assets, Bitcoin has been widely accepted. Crypto is accepted by many reputed car dealership companies like Lamborghini, Ferraris, and timeless cars and motorcycles. They have included their unique collection or newly launched designs to be sold in Bitcoin. Some of these ownerships accept a direct Bitcoin payment, but others prefer the medium of debit cards for safety.

Getting original spare parts is most probably possible with the manufacturer and are quite expensive too. You can buy them at your convenience through this virtual currency.

8. Cell Phones

Cell Phone is a multi-million dollar company; for better marketing, they promote the concept of Bitcoin. Using this, one can buy new cell phones and pay their phone service bills too. Or, on the other way around, you can pay and get a gift card from your local retailer and then use the same in the future for purchases. For ages, it has become a convenient mode of communication and is now a part of daily life. In this competitive market, there are multiple companies that are coming up with new features. And this technology can be bought through Bitcoins.

9. Coffee

An essential requirement like getting coffee from your nearby coffee house seems too much when considering daily transactions like this. But in reality, paying for a coffee through Bitcoin is much easier than arranging the currency changes. You can pay at stores that accept Bitcoin and function through QR codes or pay through credit cards. One can use these cards at places like Starbucks, which takes Mastercards as a payment mode.

Bitcoin payment processors like Speed provide One QR, which merchants can print and keep at their stores, and with a simple scan and pay, customers can pay for their coffee in Bitcoin.

10. Computers, Laptops, and their Parts

Everything can be sold and received through crypto or Bitcoin, from gaming computers to laptops to mining rigs. In the merchant sites that are open toward Bitcoin, they kept the option of paying through it. One can choose the wallet and coin of their choice at the time of checkout. For parts and advanced add-ons, you can approach a merchant who accepts Bitcoin credit cards.

For startups and newly established enterprises, bulk orders of computers and laptops can be placed through Bitcoins. It helps them in getting discounts and simplifies the payment options.

11. Diamond Jewels

Crypto is a safe, fast, and easy way to buy diamond and stone jewelry. A card can be used or paid directly in BTC to the retailer. Some well-known diamond merchants partner with Bitcoin and accept payment in exchange for their gemstones and jewelry. Merchants enable the global currency feature for hassle-free payments to expand the business and increase global reach. Some countries that own a large source of such commodity, allow its trading all over the world in return of Bitcoins.

12. Domain names, Servers, VPNs, and Web Hosting

Web services are essential to the digital world and must run a lot of work fluently. With your preferred cryptocurrency and wallet, you can buy domain names, make payments for web hosting, maintain your server, and get leverage of VPNs. This freedom of paying for your web needs in crypto helps get more providers ready for the same services and will reduce the overall cost.

Advanced and premium services can also be obtained from global web providers by making the payment in Bitcoin.

13. Donating to NGOs

Crypto is also accepted in donations; it is preferable to donate in cryptocurrency rather than a debit card. Because it will be more toward the cause and not payment processing, these donations help reduce capital gain taxes over other tax deductibles. Many NGOs accept crypto contributions from all over the globe. Bitcoin donations are helpful and can be done to anyone around the world.

Some NGOs have gained a renowned place as they have provided the best of their work towards society and got donations in all forms of payments including Bitcoin.

14. Electronic Devices

Every type of electronic device is available to buy with Bitcoin directly. One can select the pay with Bitcoin option on online stores and then pay in your preferred wallet and coins. Many global retailers like Walmart also accept master cards and gift cards. In this way, too, you can buy any device while paying in cryptocurrency. It simplifies funding future purchases also.

Clients can get an electronic item of any brand through Bitcoin or they can convert the currency with the help of major crypto exchanges and then use it accordingly.

15. Food and FMCG Products

Real-time money conversion is a feature of many Bitcoin payment providers like Speed. With this opportunity, convert your BTCs and get food and FMCG products. Some restaurants and fast food chains accept Bitcoins as payment like Subway, Domino’s, etc.; in the scenario of home delivery, one can order using crypto gift cards over Uber Eats and DoorDash.

16. Houses and Real estate

Demand for crypto and its associated products has been increasing over the years. Now investment in Bitcoin has started in the housing and real estate industry. Specific platforms like Pacaso allow you to buy or co-own a property in crypto. With such a facility in the market, more platforms have emerged, enhancing the real estate business to accept crypto.

There are some examples where people have bought their house in Bitcoin and the transaction process has been seamless for them throughout.

17. Hospitality Services

Travelers always want to spend less on their travel and stay prices. This can be done by using a global currency for it. Multiple hospitality industries accept cryptocurrencies; one can get a gift card in crypto for worldwide platforms like and Airbnb. You can book your dream stay or live in a hostel dormitory by paying through advanced crypto wallets like Speed Wallet.

18. Luxury Watches

The luxury watch market is flourishing both in the original and second-hand markets. These timepieces are a good investment opportunity to add to your assets or make a fashion statement in your wardrobe. Buying such expensive watches with Bitcoin is safe and easy. Some most trusted watch retailers like Jomashop, Wrist Aficionado, and many more accept Bitcoin directly for their products.

19. Trips and Vacations

Spend your crypto exploring the world, take a ski trip, or relax on the beaches. Pay for all this travel and stay using Bitcoin. For this, buy gift cards for your planned stay with Airbnb or Spend the Bitcoins through cards, too, at places where MasterCard is accepted. No need to get any currency converted; pay through Bitcoin and travel anywhere in the world.

20. Video games and In-Game Purchases

If you are a gamer and enthusiast, get various video games in your collection or want to step up your setup. Then pay through Bitcoin cards directly at Steam, Nintendo, and Xbox. You can also convert your currency and get gift cards in return. Use them and get the game or make in-game purchases with ease.


Goods and services that can be bought through Bitcoin are increasing daily. Most merchants are getting more familiar with virtual currency and are getting awareness to accept it. Also, the consumer base who wants to spend through Bitcoin is enhancing. Bitcoin debit/credit cards are famous for making purchases. Major cryptocurrency exchanges provide such cards along with Bitcoin gift cards. There is nearly everything that you can buy through Bitcoin globally.

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