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Top 10 Crypto Payment Gateways for 2023

The cryptocurrency market is embracing and adopting new technologies; this attracts many investors and businesses to incorporate crypto as a payment method. There are still misconceptions among people regarding the reliability and accessibility of crypto, and they consider mainstream currencies more. As the financial market evolves, businesses realize the need for crypto payment gateways.

Crypto payment gateways allow merchants to accept crypto payments for their businesses and, at the same time, provide seamless conversion of cryptocurrencies to the fiat currency of their choice. There are many other ways to accept crypto payments, but people prefer payment technology that simplifies complicated things in this competitive world.

In this article, we have mentioned a list of the top 10 crypto payment gateways for 2023 that you can explore.

Top 10 Crypto Payment Gateways

1. Speed

Speed is a fast and secure leading Bitcoin payment processor providing multiple suits of solutions, from online payment to in-person payments. This Bitcoin payment gateway is easy and fast to integrate with your business and is also inexpensive at the same time. Any online or offline business owner can take the benefits Speed provides.

A checkout page, payment link, and plugins are some of its solutions, and other features can be checked on the website. One of the most intriguing solutions is the mPos app, through which merchants can use their mobile phones to receive payments. With the Speed payment gateway, accepting payments is efficient, whether at a store, an event, or on e-commerce platforms.


  • Accessible payment collection through One Qr and the checkout page.
  • Provides Global reach by supporting 100+ countries.
  • POS web and mobile app for in-store and fast crypto payment.
  • Supports both online and offline stores that accept cryptocurrencies.
  • Simple to integrate developer’s APIs for businesses.
  • Plugins for e-commerce platforms with existing scripts.
Pros Cons Pricing
Setup is easy, without the need for any API. It currently supports BTC only. There are no charges till 0.5 BTC. After that 1% charge applies to all transactions.
Customizable as per the need of your business. At this moment, the integrations are limited.
All-time dedicated chat and email support.
Payments can be processed both on-chain and lightning networks.


2. CoinGate

Coingate is a renowned crypto payment gateway and one of the first to work with lightning networks. This payment gateway has a user-friendly layout, allowing merchants to set and monitor payments from their smartphones. In this gateway, the transaction of BTC to fiat is processed quickly.

CoinGate helps merchants and businesses to accept crypto payments and other transactions easily. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies, in which an individual can trade and exchange the changed amount for fiat.


  • Integration is very flexible with various kinds of cryptocurrencies.
  • Provides multi-user facility on a single account.
  • Real-time e-commerce integration with the crypto payment gateway.
  • Applications that support Android, IOS, and Windows too.
  • Buy, sell, and swap features between multiple cryptos.
Pros Cons Pricing
Setup is easy, without the need for any API. It currently supports BTC only. There are no charges till 0.5 BTC. After that 1% charge applies to all transactions.
Customizable as per the need of your business. At this moment, the integrations are limited.
All-time dedicated chat and email support.
Payments can be processed both on-chain and lightning networks.


3. CoinPayment

Coinpayment is one of the top crypto payment gateways in the market; this is generally for merchants and allows customers to pay in a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Charges a minimal fee for commercial purposes which includes the APIs too.

Merchants must register on the website to get their APIs and then integrate them. There is no third party involved which reduces the conversion partners fee. Their mobile application makes it convenient to accept payment and convert it into the desired currency fast and at low rates.


  • Real-time global payments are possible for businesses.
  • No chargebacks, hence reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Multiple options to convert into fiat currency.
  • Crypto can be converted and used to buy gift cards on the platform.
  • Auto coin conversion keeps the merchants safe from volatility losses.
Pros Cons Pricing
Supports over 2310+ cryptocurrencies on one platform. The available wallet is custodial, which makes the users insecure about their funds. 0.5% charge over the incoming payments and no withdrawal charges.
Crypto can be kept in the vault for safe storage. Does not provide open-source code for the wallets.
Send payment to any crypto wallet of your choice. Their platform software had faced an attack before, making them vulnerable.
Low-cost crypto transactions to grow globally. They do not provide the information regarding various cryptocurrencies.


4. Bitpay

Bitpay was launched in 2011; it is a simple and easy-to-use payment gateway processor. This effective crypto payment gateway helps the merchants to accept multiple crypto coins and conversion of BTC into USD with immediate withdrawal. Bitpay is a flexible payment gateway for web and mobile as well.

It is useful for small businesses, retail shops, billing, and accepting donations worldwide. As the gateway runs on a blockchain, there is no need to provide personal transaction details.


  • Bitpay provides bank deposits of crypto across 38 countries.
  • It generally supports the majority of cryptocurrencies for receiving payments.
  • Bitpay owns its in-built crypto wallet.
  • Supports 40+ languages.
  • The facility of 2FA protects the user’s funds.
  • Provides virtual receipts through email and messages.
Pros Cons Pricing
There are crypto debit cards to spend the currency without withdrawal. Customer support responses are time taking. They charge 1% as transaction fees and 25 cents as a fixed fee.
Auto withdrawal option to the bank account of one’s choice. It does not provide any kind of anonymity to the users. The fee is variable, and a higher fee applies to high-risk industries.
Integrated with other gateways to conduct seamless trade. There is a non-usage fee for the debit card facility.
Supports multiple cryptocurrencies and wallets.


5. refers to global coin payment; it is a viable option for businesses without bank accounts. It supports international coin payment and accepts crypto debit cards. The anonymity that users are looking for is there with

It supports 10+ cryptocurrencies and integrated plugins too. There is fast transaction speed, and the payment gets settled in less than a minute. Facilitate full statistics and secure connection for all the data processing. This provides transparency in the blockchain for payment validation.


  • There is a free-to-use crypto wallet.
  • Easy earning through registration on the site.
  • Have various affiliate programs where users can earn by participating.
  • Payments can be received without linking any bank account.
  • It can be fully integrated with the merchant’s website without an external payment page.
Pros Cons Pricing
It is an open-source platform for merchants. Customer support is poor and takes a lot of time to respond. The free version is available.
Payments get settled directly into the merchant’s wallet. Very less amount of crypto can be withdrawn at a time. Paid includes a 1.5% transaction fee.
Direct payments can be made between websites too. Supports a limited number of cryptocurrencies.
Provides plugins update every 6 months.


6. Shopify Gateway

One of the high-quality and secure payment gateways. It is among the most used crypto payment gateway in the world, which is user-friendly and accepts payments globally. For transparent processing, this platform supports easy-to-integrate APIs.

Easy to set up and reliable to its vast customer base. Shopify allows integration with other payment gateways. Registering on Shopify creates the account, and the user can access the payment gateway.


  • Merchants can sell their products globally in 133+ global currencies.
  • User-friendly dashboard to track payments and orders.
  • Auto-reconciliation with predictable payouts.
  • Chargeback management facility protects from fraud.
  • Customers can pay using any international payment provider.
Pros Cons Pricing
It charges only a transaction fee, and there is no additional payment processing fee. Shopify payment is currently available in selected countries only. Shopify charges 2 to 5% of the transaction fee based on the transaction facility.
Multiple functions of the Shopify platform can be operated from its all-in-one dashboard. There is a risk of frozen funds and closed accounts due to the instant approval of accounts.
Allows you to integrate other third-party payment gateways. The potential payout period is 30 days for certain businesses.
Customers can store their information in Shopify for easy access.


7. ALFA Coins

Customers can split their payments in fiat and crypto using the ALFA Coins payment gateway. Merchants can withdraw the amount in US dollars or euros. It supports many popular cryptocurrencies. Eliminating certain countries, most of the other countries support ALFA Coins.

Its subscription is free and does not charge an extra fee for installing crypto payment processors.


  • It supports multiple cryptocurrencies to collect payments worldwide.
  • Payments are made with ease, and transfers of funds too.
  • It has many additional services, and by using that, one can even earn money from it.
  • Cryptocurrency is easily convertible to USD or EUR.
  • Provides comprehensive cryptocurrency processing for stores.
  • There are multiple accounting tools easy to integrate.
Pros Cons Pricing
Hedging strategies can be used in this payment gateway. Withdrawal can be made in only 2 currencies. 0.99% fee for all payments.
Low transaction fees for all transactions. Does not provide a certain range of free transactions.
Payments are easily bifurcated and paid accordingly.


8. CoinsBank

CoinBank supports many fiat currencies as well as significant cryptocurrencies. It provides applications for both Android and IOS using that crypto can be transferred 24/7. This crypto payment gateway supports debit and credit cards which is convenient for the users to conduct crypto transactions.

With its mobile app, one can use any service conveniently. It is a fast, safe, and cheap method of payment. Payments can be received globally from any device, whether mobile or computer.


  • Funds can be managed from anywhere in the world using the wallet.
  • Coinsbank provides its debit card for using crypto.
  • Worldwide acceptance of crypto cards in stores and online facilities.
  • There are various tools to maximize profits and minimize risks and losses.
  • It is a crypto payment gateway that also helps you to trade in industrial grades.
Pros Cons Pricing
An easy-to-navigate and extremely simple-to-use wallet. Allows some limited no. of cryptocurrency assets. 0.5% of the transaction fee is charged.
Supports various kinds of fiat currencies that are useful for merchants. Exchange fee rates are very high.
Exchanges are safe and conduct secure transactions. Offshore transactions are somewhat regulated and restricted.


9. Coinbase

It is a well-known crypto trading platform, and many active users have been using it for a long time. Coinbase has a high-end security system making it a secure and reliable platform for trade in cryptocurrencies. This platform works as an exchange as well as a payment gateway.

There is a merchant application to accept crypto payments and convert the same into fiat. The application is constantly updated with the market and helps you to remain on top of other crypto merchants.


  • Managing the wallet and private keys is hassle-free with Coinbase.
  • Coinbase provides well integration with many APIs.
  • Supports multiple crypto assets and their trade.
  • Whenever a payment request is made, email invoices are generated.
  • All the payments are instant and get settled in no time.
Pros Cons Pricing
Offers various crypto assets that are more than 250. It charges a higher fee than other crypto payment gateways. 1% transaction fee on both custodial and non-custodial wallets.
Provides low minimum fund accounts. Little difficulty in online transactions as the support system of some countries is not good.
Crypto withdrawals are quick and easy.
Easy to track all the portfolios on the same platform.


10. SpicePay

Cryptocurrency can be kept securely in the wallet using this prominent crypto payment gateway. Users can accept and trade in crypto using Spicepay. Merchants can integrate this crypto payment gateway into their websites for receiving payments.

There are no fraudulent or chargeback activities in this platform so far, which gains the trust of their users. It is a considerable payment gateway to store, spend and exchange cryptocurrency. With a wired or online connection, withdrawals can be made in fiat currency.


  • Crypto payments are secured and get settled instantly.
  • Fund withdrawal is possible through wired connections like PayPal or SEPA.
  • Merchants can provide benefits to their customers in every transaction.
  • Provides tools for retail, e-commerce, billing, and donations too.
  • Crypto is stored safely in the open-sourced wallet of SpicePay.
Pros Cons Pricing
Variety of tools to integrate with the website. Mobile friendly and fast but lacks somewhat in affordability. They charge a processing fee of 1%.
Developer assistance for integration without any charges. Multiple integration tools are confusing to new users.
Free wallet app for storing  funds and trading them when needed.



For instant cryptocurrency transactions, crypto payment gateways are becoming a primary choice for merchants. With all kinds of tools and solutions, payment gateways help out businesses to reach the crypto community globally. In terms of crypto, this is a growing industry. This compiled list of 10 cryptocurrency payment gateways will help you select your business needs.

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