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The Easy Way to Collect Online Payment Without a Website

Entrepreneurship is widely enhancing its boundaries; new businesses are opening up almost daily. In this digital world, accepting online payments comes in handy; it is also necessary to adapt to grow globally. When you are starting your business or freelancing – creating a website can be expensive.

In such scenarios, considering social media marketing and its reach, people built their payment strategy around that. There are multiple ways to grow your business and collect payments globally without having to create a website or add a payment gateway.

What are the ways to accept payment without a website?

There is a well-established belief that to accept online payments; one needs to have an official website. Creating one is not significantly hard when technology has advanced towards automation. Anyone can build an essential webpage, but what attracts customers is dynamic and interactive.

A website needs high maintenance to function well, increasing your overhead cost. Hence, to accept online payments, you need to find other ways. There are various payment processors like Speed that provide you with these services on and off websites.

Let’s explore these options and find ways to get paid without any website.

• Through Payment Link

It is considered one of the safest ways to receive payments, from fiat to Bitcoin. Any one of those can be accepted with the help of a payment link. Being an instant payment method, the transactions get settled in no time. A payment link can be defined as an online payment method where the merchant generates and shares a link. Customers can easily scan & make the payment.

These payment links are secured and this is in the case of FIAT for BTC you mention it’s anonymous. These links are easily shareable among social media platforms, SMSs, or through other tech mediums. It is an interactive and automated way to accept payment worldwide.

Any merchant can generate these payment links with the help of payment processors on the web portal and accept all types of payments like cards, net banking, or through UPI apps or BTC.

The flow of work is also effortless to understand. It works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Merchants generate these links for the required amount and then share them via email or messaging apps or social media.
  2. The customer receives the link and they initiate the payment by clicking on it.
  3. When the payment is completed, merchants receive the notification of settlement.

Here are some benefits of using a Bitcoin payment link as your online payment method; these benefits are:

  • Better experience: While using a payment link, customers are free from any kind of long checkout pages. With a click on the link sent by the merchant they can pay, this also simplifies collecting the payments as all the information regarding customers get saved. In short, it enhances the payment experience for both.
  • Instant settlement in your account: All the payments that are done through the payment links get settled in real-time. As soon as the customer completed the payment, the funds get reflected in the merchant’s account.
  • A customized hosted page: When your customers click on the links they are redirected towards the hosted page which is customized as per the merchant. This helps in getting all the required fields included in the form and getting the payment settlement notification too.
  • Secure: There are no chances of fraud while collecting payments through links. Only merchants have access to send these links and there are no ways to disclose information regarding merchants’ accounts and customers’ payment history.
  • On-chain and lightning network: The payment can be sent over an on-chain network and at lightning too. It supports both of them and the user can choose their preferable medium to pay. Majorly helpful for customers as they can send the payment from any wallet without thinking about network modes.

• Through QR codes

QR codes are the most handy payment solutions; this two-dimensional barcode is gaining popularity and becoming an instant payment solution. These can be used for fixed amounts as well as for flexible quantities. For example, Speed provides both One QR and Dynamic QR, in which merchants can insert the payable amount, or customers can add the amount manually.

The functionality of a QR code is so simplified, scan the code with a mobile phone, and then you get redirected to the payment page of your chosen method.

Being simple and effective, QR code possesses many advantages,

  • Instant, on-the-spot payments: QR codes help you out in conducting payment at the same time and its verification is also done on the spot. This increases trust amongst the merchants and customers.
  • Reduces the overhead expenses of managing another system: Merchants do not have to operate a POS device or maintain it on a regular basis. With just a printed QR code there is no device included and with that, a lot of money gets saved that goes into managing them.
  • Relatively low maintenance to operate: With a QR code you just have to print and place it, users will scan it at the checkout counter and will pay the amount of products. No one is needed to keep a device to check on the QR codes.
  • Secured way to accept online payments: QR codes are secured and fast, and there is no disclosure of any payment details and account logins. Users can scan and pay with their setup password in no time.
  • It can be set up with ease: Simple and easy to set up, just generate a QR code linked with your account and keep it in printed form at your checkout desk. Customers will scan and pay at that time.

Speed One QR Payment Solution

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• Through a POS application

Point of sale or POS is the most helpful way to accept payments without building up a website. Most supermarkets, malls, and shops prefer using POS as their online payment method. This is a form of device that you can install anywhere in your store and collect effortless payments that get settled in your account.

In another way, many payment processors like Speed provide mPOS apps, further simplifying the process. Merchants can convert their phones into a payment collection system with ease. The procedure to function is quite similar for both mobile and POS devices.

With just 3 simple steps, collect the online payment using your POS application.

  1. Merchants have to generate a QR code by entering the amount.
  2. Transaction details and products list can be checked with the entered amount before proceeding.
  3. The generated QR will get displayed on the screen and customers can scan and pay through it.

POS applications are gaining the limelight because of the benefits it provides; these are:

  • Easy to manage the inventory
  • Quick payment with simple invoicing
  • Multiple store system
  • Instant payments with a fast settlement
  • Saves time on repetitive tasks
  • Increased sales by analytical patterns

• Through a Wallet app

Wallets are a safe storage method and an effective medium to collect online payments. Customers can pay you directly over your wallet address, which is received in real-time. It depends on merchants whether they keep the funds in their wallets or transfer that to their respective accounts.

There is a massive pool of wallet apps from fiat to Bitcoin; these applications are easy to keep on mobile and use on the go from anywhere. Some wallets can be used effortlessly to send and receive payments, for instance, Speed Wallet.

In terms of its workflow, a wallet is the most efficient. It’s quick to set up, like,

  1. Download the wallet app for your choice from the app store.
  2. Make an account or register yourself with it
  3. Set up your passwords and start accepting payments

Being a way to collect online payments, wallets have many features, like,

  • Provides region-specific payment mode
  • Secured and easy to set up
  • Keeps all the payment details in a place
  • Expenses are tracked from the dashboard
  • Multiple currencies are accepted

How are these ways more beneficial than websites?

When you run any business, online sales are essential to your revenue. To promote the business worldwide, people accept online payments and succeed through it. Accepting through a website is renowned, but all the other ways are also flourishing worldwide. There are some beneficiary measures these websites provide that eventually benefit your products and services,

  • Expands your audience by making your Bitcoin payment process seamless for customers. This will enhance the positive approach of customers towards your business and hence increases the rate of returning buyers.
  • Many Bitcoin payment service providers facilitate automated recurring payments. It saves the merchant from generating invoices and collecting Bitcoin payments during billing periods. It will renew their subscription automatically.
  • With these methods, customers can pay you instantly without any waiting period. The Bitcoin payments sent through the other ways do not need invoicing as the merchant and the sender received digital settlement confirmation.


The foremost benefit any business can receive is getting paid seamlessly through online payment methods. Unlike websites, customers quickly accept these solutions and get used to them more easily. Another factor is security, all the mentioned ways of payment are more secure for customers to pay a merchant, despite going through a website.

Accepting payments through other ways needs minimum time from the customer’s end. The payer also remains free from sharing bank or personal details. All of the above, accepting online payment without any website increases the brand visibility in the market and, at the same time, gains customers’ trust.

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