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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for WooCommerce 2024

Cryptocurrency has boundless potential. Pair it with WooCommerce, and you will be able to reach new customers, combat fraudulent chargebacks, and offer borderless digital commerce experiences by enabling crypto payments to your web store.

There are a lot of plugins available for accepting crypto payments on WooCommerce. But not all of them are secure — and may make your store vulnerable to a data breach or cyber-attacks. Many plugins also lack essential features and thus may limit your growth in the long run.

To make things easy, we have compiled a list of top 10 cryptocurrency payment gateways for WooCommerce.

Top 10 Crypto Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

01. Speed

Speed is a secure and reliable Bitcoin payment processor supporting over 100 countries and languages. From dynamic QR codes to payment and checkout links — the platform offers a wide range of useful features to help you accept Bitcoin payments from anywhere in the world.

With Speed, you get dedicated web and mobile app to track your transactions on the go. Their WooCommerce bitcoin payment plugin is available in 6+ languages and can be set up in a few simple steps. They also offer dedicated chat and email support — in case you run into any issues while integrating the plugin to your store.

Key Features Pros Cons Pricing
One QR and checkout links for collecting payments Easy to set up, no KYC needed Only accepts BTC Free until 0.5 BTC. After that, 1% per transaction.
Supports 100+ countries across the globe Highly customizable
Dedicated POS web and mobile app available Dedicated chat and email support


Speed - Bitcoin payment processor signup

02. Coinbase Commerce

Used by over 110M users, 11,000 institutions, and 185,000 ecosystem partners across 100 countries — Coinbase is a secure and reliable payment gateway for accepting cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase allows you to choose which cryptocurrencies you want to accept and how you would like to get paid — in cryptocurrencies or convert the payments into fiat or stablecoin. Additionally, you also get features like flexible invoicing, business reporting, etc. All your transactions can be tracked through their web application. Their WooCommerce Crypto payment gateway plugin is feature-rich and easy to use.

Key Features Pros Cons Pricing
Select the crypto that you want to accept Beginner-friendly platform Intricate fee structure 1% of transaction fees.
Generate invoices in crypto Supports over ten crypto assets High staking commissions
Easily create custom workflows with Turnkey API Web and mobile app support available Limited reward opportunities


03. Coingate

Coingate is one of the most popular crypto payment processors — allowing merchants to accept payments in over 70 cryptocurrencies. They are available in over 100 countries across the globe.

Being a leading crypto payment gateway, Coingate allows multiple payout options. This means you can keep the currency you collect, convert it to fiat, or another cryptocurrency. They also offer a billing solution for allowing their users to send crypto bills with just a few taps. Coingate’s WooCommerce crypto payment processor plugin is an open-source software available for free on WordPress plugin repository.

Key Features Pros Cons Pricing
Multiple payout options (supports over 70 currencies) Extensive support for merchants worldwide (Across 100 countries) No Coingate wallet 1% fee for all buttons, plugins, web PoS, APIs and billing.
Integrated billing solution Generous referral program Platform does not support crypto deposits
Dedicated Sandbox for comprehensive testing Offers variety of payment collection instruments like payment buttons, web-based POS, API connections and third-party plugins Language support limited to English & Spanish


04. Hayvn

Hayvn Pay is part and parcel of Hayvn — a digital asset-focused financial institution. With their WooCommerce plugin, you can start accepting BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC right from your store at just 1% fee per transaction.

Hayvn Pay offers an intuitive console to track and manage your transactions. You can access detailed information about the payments you receive and make changes to your account in just a few clicks. What’s more, the platform uses AML (Anti Money Laundering) software to ensure you receive crypto payments that are clean and compliant. Hayvn Pay WooCommerce crypto payment plugin is free to download and can be integrated easily with your WordPress.

Key Features Pros Cons Pricing
AML (anti-money laundering) software implementation to ensure merchants receive clean and compliant crypto Highly secure and regulated platform Only supports 4 cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC) 1% flat fee deducted from every transaction.
Receive payments in crypto, and get paid in traditional currencies. Payment settlements in a few hours Limited third-party support
User-friendly Pay Console to manage your payments, edit account settings, and see account balance in real-time. Protection against fluctuation in crypto value Complex KYC process


05. OpenNode

OpenNode enables fast, secure, and low-cost Bitcoin payments for businesses of any size and scale. The platform uses Lightning Network to enable instant payments and payouts at real-time exchange rates.

OpenNode WooCommerce bitcoin payment plugin is compatible with all Bitcoin wallets and offers instant on-chain transfers at a flat 1% fee. You can initiate on-chain Bitcoin transfers any day, any time.

Key Features Pros Cons Pricing
Offers both on-chain and Lightning Network payments Instant payments and payouts Supports only Bitcoin Flat 1% for on-chain transfers. However, instant Lightning Network transfers are absolutely free.
Hosted checkout, payment buttons, Bitcoin invoices, and in-person payment solutions for accepting Bitcoins Compatible with all Bitcoin wallets Only supports 8 local currencies
Real-time currency conversion Low transaction fees Relatively a new company when compared with other alternatives


06. DePay Payments

DePay is one of the popular payment gateway enabling Web3 payments to WooCommerce. With DePay, you can accept thousands of crypto tokens on multiple blockchains at live conversion rate.

The DePay WooCommerce payment plugin allows you can receive payments directly to your wallet from the web store without any gateway or middleman. It also supports crypto payments on mobile devices and via WalletConnect QR codes.

Key Features Pros Cons Pricing
Accept peer-to-peer Web3 payments with ease – collect donations and create payment links with just a few clicks Directly enable Web3 payments on your store without any gateway/redirect Higher transaction fees 1.5% per transaction
Multi-wallet support — accept payments from over 100 crypto wallets Immediate settlements Limited third-party integrations
Receive payments right to your crypto wallet Accept payments from multiple blockchains — Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polygon, etc. No moderation over funds


07. NOWPayments

NOWPayments supports over 160 cryptocurrencies — from Bitcoin (BTC) to Bitgert (BRISE) and everything in between. They offer instant payouts at transaction fees starting at 0.5% (may vary depending on your number of transactions).

With NOWPayments, you also get a dedicated account manager and 24/7 customer support in case you need any help with the integration. While the WooCommerce payment plugin is free — you have the option to upgrade it to pro for additional features like adding the top 5 currency icons on products or shop pages and a better user interface.

Key Features Pros Cons Pricing
Directly transfer fiat currencies to your bank account Offers 24/7 customer support and a dedicated account manager Multiple fees are applicable to certain transactions Starts at 0.5% per month
A point-of-sale software for accepting crypto payments on your offline stores 160+ cryptocurrencies available Lenghthy KYC process
Easily generate APIs from your account Instant payouts While free WooCommerce plugin is available, you’ll have to pay extra for additional features


08. Blockonomics

Blockonomics is one of the most secure and private Bitcoin payment processors. You only need an email address to start accepting payments through Blockonomics — no KYC/documentation is required whatsoever.

The platform only supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. While the first 20 transactions are absolutely free — a 1% transaction fee will be applicable to all the transactions post that. There are no additional fees or setup fees. So far, the Blockonomics WooCommerce payment gateway plugin has been downloaded over 130,741 times from the WordPress repository.

Key Features Pros Cons Pricing
Create and send Bitcoin invoices directly by searching the BTC address of the payer Privacy – Blockonomics never stores any of your customers’ information Only supports Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash 1% after first 20 transactions
SegWit feature to secure your crypto transactions No KYC Needed Limited customization available
Wallet Watcher for tracking multiple wallets and addresses Payments go directly to your wallet No live customer support available


09. BTCPay

BTCPay is a self-hosted, open-source, and private crypto payment processing platform allowing users to accept altcoins and Bitcoin payments directly to their wallets at 0% fees. The platform supports Tor and Payjoin to enhance data privacy and generates a new address from your extended public key (xPub) for every new invoice.

BTCPay comes with a lot of useful built-in features: from PoS app to a crowdfunding app and payment buttons — you get everything you will need to scale up your operations. What’s more, you can create and manage invoices right from the BTCPay Server. Their WooCommerce payment plugin is updated frequently and is available for free.

Key Features Pros Cons Pricing
Generate invoices and get notified whenever you receive a payment Free and open-source No Fiat support — out of the box, BTCPay does not support Fiat conversions Free
Built-in wallet to manage your transactions Highly secure and self-hosted Technical expertise needed to run it individually
Automate your workflows and control access with APIs Receive funds directly to your wallet Limited support available


10. CryptoWoo

CryptoWoo enables secure Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin transactions right from your WooCommerce store. The plugin eliminates external redirects during the checkout to facilitate secure transactions.

CryptoWoo WooCommerce cryptocurrency payment gateway plugin is maintained and updated frequently by the developers to ensure it supports the latest versions of WordPress. You can also customize the plugin and its behavior by adding development requests on their website.

Key Features Pros Cons Pricing
Collect refund addresses during checkout Frequent updates to support the latest version of WordPress Costly add-ons for different currencies Free for plugin with paid add-ons for additional features
Apply discounts and markups individually for each currency Fast transactions over Blockchain Accepts limited cryptocurrencies by default
WordPress Multisite compatible Easy to customize


Things to consider while selecting a cryptocurrency payment gateway for WooCommerce

Here are six critical things to consider while selecting a crypto payment gateway for your WooCommerce store.

Payout Schedule:

Payment service providers have different payout schedules. While some offer instant settlements, most payment gateways have a time lag of 12-24 hours. So it’s important to check payout conditions before signing up for a payment gateway.

Security & Data Protection

Ensure the plugin is secure and complies with government regulations and policies. Check what details they collect and how your data will be processed.

The Payment Gateway Ecosystem

Before fixating on a payment gateway, consider scheduling a demo to check if they have user-friendly web and mobile applications for managing your payments on the go.

Payment Gateway Charges

Transaction charges and withdrawal fees are generally not listed in the description of most plugins. Thus, you must review their pricing before integrating them into your store. Payment gateway charges usually range between 0.5 and 2.5% of the transaction value.

Third-party Integrations

As you scale up your operations, you will need additional tools to manage your transactions. Thus, it’s important to ensure your payment gateway is compatible with other add-ons and modules.

Customer Support

While adding the payment gateway to your web store, you may stumble into a few technical issues. Thus, you must ensure the payment service provider offers adequate support when needed.

Why Accept Payments through Cryptocurrency?

Merchants who accepted crypto payments saw an average ROI of 327% and an increase of up to 40% of new customers. With new users joining every day, these numbers are bound to increase in the coming years.

Crypto not only offers more flexibility but also eliminates the barriers to international transactions. Here are a few reasons why you should start accepting crypto payments:

Reach a larger audience

There are over 300 million crypto users across the globe — that’s about 3.7% of the total population. By enabling crypto payments to your store, you’re opening yourself up to a lot of possibilities for reaching new customers.

Transact globally

Crypto is borderless. You can transact virtually without paying heavy exchange rates or bank transfer fees.

Pay lesser transaction fees

Transaction fees levied on crypto payments are generally lesser when compared to other traditional payment methods (credit/debit cards).


Accepting crypto payments will not only help you gain new customers but also minimize your operational cost. If you have a WooCommerce store, start accepting crypto payments today.

While selecting a plugin, ensure it’s secure, receives frequent updates, has lower transaction fees, and is compatible with other third-party extensions. We hope our list of top cryptocurrency payment gateways will help you pick the right plugin based on your needs.

In case you need any further help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our Speed specialists will be happy to help.

Speed Team

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