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Benefits Of Accepting Bitcoin and Other Crypto Payments

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are digital mediums that allow exchanges and digital transactions without any involvement of a third party. Being a decentralized currency, they are not backed by any government and are free from their regulations too. Digital currencies can be used in your business to lower the charges of transactions. Accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be done in a variety of ways, and doing so has a number of advantages as well.

In the article below, let’s find out how a person can accept Bitcoin and other crypto payment and what benefits it provides.

How to Accept Bitcoin and Crypto Payments?

Crypto payments can be accepted directly through wallets or by providing the channel address to the sender, or people can prefer various Bitcoin payment processors to accept the payments for their businesses. Accepting Bitcoin payments is easy, and its global acceptance has made it one of the best-decentralized currencies.

Nowadays, there are multiple ways to accept crypto payments; individuals and businesses can use various methods to accept Bitcoin payments. The most conventional approach is to create a channel on-chain or a lightning network. But apart from these, there are many tech-driven solutions people are using nowadays, like mobile wallets, web exchanges, and even QR codes.

Leading Bitcoin payment processor Speed offers payment links for efficient and successful Bitcoin transactions. In addition to this, there are several payment options, including buttons and plugins. Accepting crypto payments has been proven to be a massive opportunity for worldwide merchants. Overall almost 40% of the travel, automotive, digital, and media industries in the world trade in them.

Accepting Bitcoin payments has become easier than ever, there are multiple solutions available and businesses consider point-of-sale applications and Bitcoin payment processors more reliable and fast.

Whether it’s for businesses or individuals, before considering accepting Bitcoin or crypto payments, there are certain things to be considered. Let’s take a look.

What to consider before accepting Bitcoin and Crypto Payments?

Before starting to accept Bitcoin payments, there are certain things one must consider for seamless transactions and easy functionality.

• Bitcoin and Crypto Regulation

When a person or a business wants to accept Bitcoin payment, they must be aware of laws and regulations about Bitcoin payment in their state or country. Understanding regulations is important as it may affect the accounting services of payment received. Here’s a list of Bitcoin-friendly countries, if you operate in those countries it’s the right time to start accepting Bitcoin payments for your business.

• Set Crypto Wallet in Prior

A wallet plays an important role when it comes to receiving cryptocurrencies; any wallet, whether a cold wallet or hot wallet, keeps your keys secure and protected. Accessing money received in the form of Bitcoin gets more accessible with a wallet. Wallets do not charge any transaction fee unless you convert Bitcoin to other forms of currency.

• Integrate Bitcoin Payments with an Accounting Software

To keep track of all the Bitcoin payments on a single platform, it is recommended to integrate the Bitcoin payment processor with your accounting software. There is ease in keeping track of all the business transactions.

• Be Prepared for the Volatile Market

Both Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are quite volatile, and their market keeps changing at a constant rate. A person or a firm considering bitcoin and crypto payment should keep in mind the market’s volatility before starting to accept bitcoin or crypto payments.

Companies Accepting Bitcoin and Other Crypto Payments

In the evolving Bitcoin market, many companies are committing to digital payments using decentralized currencies. The ecosystem that Bitcoin and other crypto provides has much potential that benefits many global companies. Companies accepting Bitcoin payments have attracted customers worldwide with their efficient services and multiple payment options.

Key Benefits of Accepting Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies.

Whether it’s for businesses or individuals, crypto payment possesses multiple benefits. Let’s get a look at some of them.

1. Transaction fees are low worldwide

Transaction fees are minimized by the lack of central intermediaries in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. When compared to other credit and visa cards, which may charge 2.9% or even more, cryptocurrency can reduce transaction costs by up to 1%.

The majority of fees associated with transactions in traditional payment methods are eliminated when using Bitcoin. Some companies operate internationally, and using a crypto payment gateway can save money on transaction fees.

2. No Chargebacks

In debit and credit cards, there are certain chargebacks when a dispute arises about fund transfers. In the case of Bitcoin, there are no such disputes. If a person possesses the private keys, it makes them the owner.

Claiming any kind of chargeback is impossible with cryptocurrency as it is decentralized, and the payments recorded in the blockchain are final and can not be reversed or tampered with.

This gives direct control to the business owner for its product returns and prevents users from misusing the services.

3. Provides protection against fraud attempts

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized form of money which has no physical existence. Money kept in cash, card and bank accounts have certain threats like robbery or hacking attempts, while cryptocurrencies are only accessed through keys that are kept secure.

All the transactions of crypto are recorded in the main ledger and these can not be hacked or accessed by any third party, this makes crypto payments safe and secure.

4. Increases your business sales globally

There are many extended businesses globally, but their cross-border sales are limited due to all the extra charges they pay for intercountry transactions. In situations like these , accepting Bitcoin payment for your business will help boost sales; cryptocurrency is not bound by any country’s taxes and laws and is considered a global currency.

If a company accepts cryptocurrency payments, then it can easily expand its products worldwide. It will benefit both customers and service providers, as the customers can perform transactions from anywhere in the world without additional charges, a centralized ledger is involved.

5. Provides convenience to your customers

For the past few years, customers have placed a high priority on data and information security. Cryptocurrency payments provide an extra level of protection for all transactions.

Numerous payment options everywhere keep clients dependable. E-commerce POS can use plugins to collect payments, which will keep customers coming back because it’s a safe way to pay. Payment links also come handy while paying for a purchase.

6. Enhances your competitive market opportunities

When there’s an option of paying through crypto for some services, a company gets marketing opportunities. They can promote themselves as crypto-friendly companies. The products and services will be available for as many people as possible.

Currently, social media is instrumental in boosting sales of companies who are willing to accept digital assets. Pay with the crypto option provides a competitive advantage to the merchants in the early adopters market. This will give them an advanced segment of customers, which will also be enhanced with time.

The latest generation is becoming tech friendly and reliable on digital payments, they are attracted toward cryptocurrencies, and trade in crypto leads to a more competitive market.

7. It is easy to manage transaction Records

With crypto managing money can be done in a quick form. It can be converted to local fiat currency through other third-party payment processors. An individual or a business can control everything they want to do with their cryptocurrencies.

Accepting Bitcoin payment is easy, too; you can manage multiple coins without any external support and keep them in blockchain and other wallets. Any digital payment with foreign countries can be made easily without any hassle of taxes and legality.

8. Bitcoin applications are affordable to implement

Businesses whose most transactions are in Bitcoin get easy-to-implement open-source server point-of-sale applications. Some POS apps are free of cost, while others charge very less for the services. This is the most secure method; Bitcoin transactions can be kept secure and private.

People can also manage their private keys, exchanges, and customer KYC. For bitcoin-only businesses, this is an affordable method; many companies accept all the tokens, and coins can also benefit from this by adding a few tools to manage cryptocurrency operations.

9. Security to all transactions and payments

Multiple times, credit and debit cards are most prone to fraud attacks. These frauds are done because cards need third-party verification; in crypto and bitcoin, transactions are more secure as no external verification is required.

This service avoided the fear of data breach, alongside the general ledger of blockchain verifying and keeping records of all the transactions. When someone pays with Bitcoin, the data does not get stored in the centralized system but in crypto wallets. This makes it very difficult to steal someone’s identity.

10. Helps in acquiring new customers

When it comes to cryptocurrency, there has been a lot of following its gains in the recent few years. Many individuals consider using Bitcoin as their primary source of investments and enhance the network too. Crypto helps in increasing reach to a younger audience who are aware of crypto and its basic terms.

It has been seen in the market that the more options of payment you provide to your customers, the better they connect. When customers learn more about cryptocurrency usage, it will help businesses that accept digital currency to go global. It will bring customers and make them complete the purchase they want.

11. Bitcoin and Crypto are globally accepted

Being an international currency, there are a lot of benefits a business can gain from cryptocurrency. It will be helpful in the export services of goods in a company; along with it, any service can be purchased from different countries using Bitcoin or crypto payments.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies also help in avoiding expensive foreign transaction rates. Different policies of various countries induce a lot of burden in the form of taxes on a product, but crypto is free from such hassles and uptrend. Many countries have accepted it as a legal form of transaction, while some are still considering it.

Introduction to Speed

Speed is a Bitcoin payment processor you can use to accept bitcoins and keep track of the data. It can be used as an e-commerce plugin, and along the way, there are payment links, and One QR, One of the most exclusive features that Speed provides is a point-of-sale application.

Payment links can be used to receive payments from multiple resources of the same amount at a time. One QR acts like a payment receiving code, on which a person can scan and pay in Bitcoin. With Speed POS users can convert their smartphones into a POS solution for receiving bitcoin payments without any heavy deployment.

These are some of the features that Speed provides. To know more about all our other features, check out our website.


Bitcoin and crypto payments are gaining popularity due to their benefits like tax, global availability, and market values. Although it is a digital medium of exchange for decentralized direct transactions, certain benefits lure businesses and individuals to participate. Multiple Bitcoin payment processors are there through which you can access all such uses.

Most of the significant benefits are mentioned in this blog which you have seen. These advantages of accepting Bitcoin and crypto payments make people use its functionality and get them to pay in cryptocurrency. As the future evolves towards digital currency, be updated with its benefits.

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