LuckyBits is a prominent online Bitcoin raffle platform that provides users with the opportunity to win Bitcoin and other valuable prizes. With a commitment to fairness, transparency, and simplicity, LuckyBits has gained a loyal user base within the cryptocurrency community.

Lickybits now using Speed as a Bitcoin payment solution
Luckybits now accepting bitcoin as a payment with the help of Speed

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To meet the needs of its vast cryptocurrency user audience and expand its reach, LuckyBits recognized the importance of integrating additional payment methods. They aimed to integrate Speed, a popular payment solution, to accept Bitcoin payments and improve their overall user experience.


LuckyBits needed a payment processor that was compliant with all government regulations, required minimal documentation for onboarding, and was easy to deploy. They integrated Speed’s WooCommerce plugin into their store to enable seamless payments from around the world. With our solution, they managed to achieve all their goals and minimized their operational cost and payment processing fees.


LuckyBits leveraged the Speed WordPress plugin, which they could seamlessly integrate as the payment method into their platform. The collaboration between LuckyBits and Speed ensured a smooth implementation process, allowing LuckyBits to start accepting Bitcoin payments quickly and efficiently.

1.Increased Sales:

With the addition of Speed as a payment method, LuckyBits experienced a substantial boost in sales. Within a short period, LuckyBits witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in their overall sales revenue. The convenience and accessibility offered by Speed attracted more users to participate in the raffles, resulting in higher engagement and transaction volumes.

2.Younger Audience Engagement:

By integrating Speed, LuckyBits successfully tapped into a younger audience segment. The simplicity and efficiency of Speed’s payment solution resonated with tech-savvy individuals who preferred cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange. This integration helped LuckyBits attract a new and dynamic user base, diversifying its customer demographics.

3. Enhanced User Experience:

The seamless integration of Speed with LuckyBits’ platform significantly improved the overall user experience. Users could now make Bitcoin payments quickly, securely, and with ease. The integration eliminated the complexities associated with traditional payment methods, enabling a smoother and more convenient transaction process for LuckyBits’ customers.

By integrating Speed as a payment method, LuckyBits not only increased its sales revenue by 30% but also attracted a younger audience to its platform. The collaboration with Speed allowed LuckyBits to offer a seamless, secure, and transparent user experience, strengthening its position as a leading online Bitcoin raffle platform. With the successful integration of Speed, LuckyBits remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the cryptocurrency community and providing users with exciting opportunities to win Bitcoin and other valuable prizes.

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