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Speed Launches Bitcoin Lightning Wallet

In this tech-advanced world where technology is implanting its presence in the financial market in the form of digital payments, Bitcoin came up as a revolution. It changed the way people transact using  their money. With its decentralized nature and improved scalability, Bitcoin is not limited to geographical boundaries. Besides that, Bitcoin has been more accessible now after the launch of the Speed Bitcoin lightning wallet

Speed Wallet is a one-stop solution for Bitcoin payments; it has enhanced the power of Bitcoin in day-to-day transactions.

Let’s get into the brief of Speed Wallet and its benefits.

Simplify your payments with the Bitcoin Wallet

Anyone looking for the benefits of Bitcoin finds Speed Bitcoin lightning wallet as a solution for all their payment needs. The user interface is very beginner friendly and provides a seamless payment experience. With a few taps, send or receive the payments with easy scans.

With Speed Wallet, the transactions get completed in seconds, allowing the users to explore the full potential of Bitcoin. Indeed bitcoin is considered the future of digital currency, but with advanced wallets like Speed, bitcoin will be accessible at all horizons.

Speed Bitcoin Lightning Wallet

Start doing more with your Bitcoin, and embrace the ease of making Bitcoin payments on the go. Experience Bitcoin payments at the Speed of light.

Benefits of using Speed Bitcoin lightning wallet

Speed brings out multiple benefits to the users; these benefits help out the users to make their payment processing more efficient.

Some of the significant benefits are mentioned below. Let’s look at a few of them to understand the enhancement Speed brings out in the Bitcoin world.

Lightning fast transactions

Speed Wallet also works over a lightning network, allowing you to experience fast and cost-effective payments. With this feature, users can experience near-instant transactions without the hassle of long waiting and high transaction charges. Speed offers lightning-fast transactions that are a better alternative to traditional Bitcoin payment methods.

Highly scalable and low fee

In the early days, the issue of scalability was not prominent, but as time passed, Bitcoin and blockchain networks gained popularity, and the scalability of transactions came out as a major concern. In the form of a solution, Lightning Network came into existence, enabling off-chain transactions that get settled in no time.

The transaction charges are also minimal due to the low settling time. With the use of the Speed lightning bitcoin wallet, you can experience efficient payments with minimum transaction fees.

Enhanced security and privacy

All the Bitcoin transactions are backed in the blockchain network, and the lightning network is a layer 2 solution that keeps all the transactions bundled in the blockchain. The decentralized nature of the Speed wallet keeps your identity safe. With Speed, users are ensured with enhanced security and the safety of their privacy.

This network keeps the transactions transparent, which provides protection against manipulators and frauds.

Easy accessibility

With the Speed Wallet app, you access your Bitcoins on the go. This secured wallet allows you to make payments anytime, anywhere. Whether you are shopping online or at any physical store, pay using Bitcoin with easy access to your wallet.

Download Speed Bitcoin Lightning Wallet app now from Android and the Play Store to get started with your Bitcoin payment journey.


Experience the user-friendly and secure Bitcoin solution with Speed Wallet. It not only provides lightning-fast transactions but also enhances privacy and scalability at the same time. Speed Wallet is embracing the power of Bitcoin and unlocking its full potential in front of the world.

Speed Team