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10 Best Crypto Trading Bots For 2024

There are many automated software that help traders to invest in cryptocurrencies at the right market time. With these software, you can increase your revenue and eliminate most of the risk and losses; these automated software are termed as Crypto Trading Bots. All crypto exchange accounts can be managed on a single platform using these bots, and trading can be done in multiple currencies. Bots not only enhance the trading profit but automate the trading strategies too. These bots are programmed in such ways that they can perform a particular task without any external intervention.

How are Crypto trading bots useful?

Crypto trading bots are profitable and help traders to automate their buying and selling processes. It has many useful features, such as reducing trading risk by strategically analyzing the market performance. Trading bots minimize the efforts in repeated tasks like keeping track of crypto valuation, which saves a lot of time. Using a crypto trading bot, none of your trading opportunities will be missed as it keeps you updated with all the news and newly uploaded cryptocurrencies.

There are various crypto trading bots in the running market, both free and paid. Finding out what functions best for many new users and traders can be challenging. Hence we have picked out the best crypto trading bots in this article.

List of 10 best free crypto trading bots

  • 3Commas
  • Pionex
  • WunderTrading
  • Trality
  • Coinrule
  • CryptoHero
  • HaasOnline
  • HyperTrader
  • Quadency
  • eToro

01. 3Commas

3Commas helps traders to increase their profit success ratio and limit the investor’s risk and losses. This is an easy-to-understand automated trading bot with many useful tools and customizable features; traders can maintain their trading strategies per their needs. The main feature which attracts the traders is that there is no requirement to imply any additional software, and this automated trading bot is already integrated with many exchanges and services.

Using the marketplace data, this bot provides various templates and strategies. The data feeds are on point and verified. It also offers guides to understand different things. It supports 16+ exchanges and has a free mobile app. With their free plans, the users can access the trading bot lifelong.

Other Plans:

  • Starter: $22
  • Advances: $37
Pros Cons
It automatically rebalances the portfolio of users depending on their transactions. Users need time to adjust to the straightforward interface as it is a little difficult to follow.
The basic plan is free but pro tools can also be used for 3 days as a trial. Profits are viable and depend on the user settings, and profit rates vary from user to user.
This automated trading bot is integrated with many well-known exchanges. Limited tool customization in the lifelong free plan.
Has unique bot options for all kinds of crypto markets.


02. Pionex

Pionex trading bot is an exchange platform that has in-built crypto trading bots. It is aggregated with the Binance exchange; traders can automate the trading 24/7 without constantly analyzing the market. It is one of its kind exchange with 16 free trading bots for trading; this is considered an ideal option for auto-trading for beginners and advanced traders.

It provides the popular Grid trading bot for a better profit ratio, and certain other bots are powered by Binance, and through that, checkouts can be done every 8 hours. On Pionex trading bot, 379 coins and tokens are available with a trading fee of 0.05%. From repeated purchases to holding the coins, all can be done by the inbuilt bots.

Pionex trading bot is free for users but charges a spot transaction fee of 0.05% and the leveraged transaction fee of 0.1%.

Pros Cons
Provide 16 automated trading bots that are multi-functional and work coordinatively. Trading strategies, indicators, and scripts are unavailable in the customized format.
Highly reputed among traders due to its consistent profitable results. No demo sessions for the bot to test its risk factors.
Withdrawal and deposits can be done in the bank accounts. Using the manual method to buy and sell has limitations regarding advanced orders.
Trades can be done using US dollars. There is no in-depth report of the trading bot’s performance.


03. WunderTrading

Automate your crypto trade using this crypto trading bot. In WunderTrading, copy trade is also performed by professional traders. Traders can create a fully automated and customized trading bot to keep track of their funds using TradingView.

Best trading signals are selected, and copy trade is performed with them. When a signal provider generates a signal, it is transferred to the trader, who can follow it in real-time. All these can be done through the marketplace WunderTrading provides.

Other Plans:

  • Basic: $13.97
  • Pro: $27.97
  • Premium: $62.97
Pros Cons
It is a cloud-based trading bot platform that supports approx. 14 exchanges. Payment options are limited.
For manual trade, there are built-in terminals. Having some beginner-friendly features, some knowledge is still required to operate it.
All the trade settings are highly customizable as per a user’s preference. To access advanced trading features, a monthly membership is required.
Crypto trades function through the marketplace, where all the records are available.
Signal providers are professional; they analyze the market and make the path for copy trade.
Different crypto assets can be traded in the same exchange.


04. Trality

An advanced crypto trading bot where a trader can automate their crypto strategies or rent the plans created by some experienced traders. Provides high-quality crypto trading bots and creator tools to develop their crypto trading bots. Trality marketplace offered various bots for advanced scalping and index-based trading strategies.

Experienced experts will help you achieve your trading goals. Bots’ performance metrics can be analyzed before investing. In reality, a trader can collaborate with investors and optimize the profit rate of their bots. Marketplace security is also very advanced, as it keeps your algorithm private.

Other Plans:

  • Knight: €9.99
  • Rook: €39.99
  • Queen: €59.99
Pros Cons
Wide range of many exclusive bots for rent that works well in all market conditions. The list of exchanges that are supported by trality are less.
There is a mobile app available for both iOS and Android systems. The profit pullout option is slow and technically complex.
Advanced creator tools like code editor and bot optimizer are there.
During downtrends, margin trading functionality shortens the market for minimal losses.
The bots provide trading convenience and flexibility.


05. Coinrule

With 150+ trading strategy templates, coin rule is an automated platform for trading. It is a beginner-friendly and safe platform, so automated trading instructions can be sent to various exchanges. There is no need to provide withdrawal rights or any private key. With its effective market indicators, smart allocation of funds is done.

Coinrule generates multiple indicators and rules which are customizable and works quite fast. Based on different indicators, the point of action changes according to the market. No code is required to operate and manage the market volatility at the same time.

Other Plans:

  • Hobbyist: $29.99
  • Trader: $59.99
  • Pro: $449.99
Pros Cons
Automated trading rules can be created based on the indicators. There is no mobile app even for their advanced users.
Multiple plans are there depending on the level of trading. Time-consuming profit pullout options.
A professional team of crypto experts backs it. Associated exchanges of Coinrule are very limited.
Smooth registration with no extra and hidden charges.


06. CryptoHero

There are multiple features suited for beginners and advanced traders; CryptoHero provides various bots that perform well in all markets. CryptoHero, an authorized bot marketplace, offers to set up bots by experienced traders. This makes deploying these bots easy for new users; they can start trading with the help of bots in just a few clicks.

Crypto bots are cloud-based with a simple user interface; any strategy can be configured without additional coding. Backtest helps the users to check the implemented strategy. Manual trading can be done conveniently across various exchanges using terminals.

Other Plans:

  • Premium: $13.99
  • Professional: $29.99
Pros Cons
Offers free plans and professional plans too. In the premium plan, web and mobile subscriptions are charged differently.
It is compatible with web, iOS, and Android users. The professional plan offers a limited 30 bots.
The customer service team is responsive to the traders and answers their queries.
Certain advanced features like trailing stop loss and others are provided.


07. HaasOnline

It is a well-respected and one of the oldest crypto trading bots. Supports trading on 37 exchanges. Any trading strategy can be recreated virtually with bot automation. Bot strategies can be accessed in a few clicks, or traders can generate their trade bot using HaasScript.

With a custom dashboard option, monitor the market and your automated trading bots. Traders can develop their technical analysis using these crypto trading bots. All the data and codes are kept private in the ai trading bot.

Other Plans:

  • Standard: $49
  • Professional: $99
  • Enterprise: $149
Pros Cons
Optimal control due to cloud-based and on-premise nature. It does not offer any native mobile application.
A single API key is required for trading without any withdrawal permission. Bots are challenging to set up without any implied strategy.
No financial risk in paper trade using live order books. Beginners cannot use available AI tools without guidance.
Easy use of backtesting and batch-testing for improved return on investment.
There is no hidden black box trading bot, an actual bot running data is shown.


08. HyperTrader

For streamlining the workflow, HyperTrader is an appropriate option. Features like real-time position updates make it suitable for a crypto trading bot. Fast execution is provided to speed up the trading process. With safe and secure encryption, data safety is not an issue anymore.

It has fast processing terminals that can catch up with the market and save traders from unexpected losses. Multiple visual trading tools put the order directly into the charts and avoid manual entries; this also analyzes and executes the entered data. From portfolio to the position, data is instantly generated.

HyperTrader is a free platform that can be used by any trader worldwide.

Pros Cons
Automated management of market risk is there. Integration is with some limited exchanges, and some major ones are missing.
Multiple exchange accounts can be managed from a single platform. Some major bots are missing at the moment.
Option of ladder orders where traders can put all the orders in bulk.
Keep track of multiple assets with the chart view option.


09. Quadency

A digital asset management application for automated trading among institutional and retail traders. This application’s bots can be easily customized; automated tools allow social network charting. It is a free bot with a mobile application supported by both iOS and Android.

An option of trading assistance-Cody AI is where the traders can create their bot. From a single interface, the Quadency terminal allows the traders to perform trade on multiple exchanges. The portfolio tracking feature provides necessary insights regarding the funds and their storage.

With Quadency, the trade is free, but the user needs to maintain a minimum QUAD holding in their accounts.

Pros Cons
All investors find the crypto trading bots of their requirement. Operates only through the web and does not provide any mobile application.
Pre-built strategies can be chosen and customized as per the needs to go live. There are no margin trading strategies available.
Intuitive UI makes it easy for new users to operate.
Several trading strategies are available there in the form of libraries.


10. eToro

It is a copy trading bot, using which one can copy crypto trades, its insights, and the strategies of other crypto traders. Using eToro, a new trader can follow the major cryptocurrency traders without cost and then make decisions by reviewing their portfolio. 20+ crypto are supported in the platform.

The most positive feature of this platform is that when a person follows a trader, they can view their profits and other information on their feed. eToroX is their dedicated crypto trading platform that provides tools for traders, whether retail or institutional. This is one of the largest social investing platforms with millions of investors.

eToro charges no account fees but 1% as transparent transactional charges.

Pros Cons
It supports free stocks and ETF trading on the platform. Despite being a free platform, eToro has high non-trading fees during payouts.
Opening an account is very easy in eToro without any external help. Currencies are based on only one account and can not be operated otherwise.
One can follow social trading and make the most benefit out of it. The customer support system needs a lot of improvement.



With automation in multiple industries, crypto trading holds no differences. There are multiple crypto trading bots that help you to automate your trading process with security. Currently, many bots are present in the crypto market, both free and paid. When looking out for bots, it is necessary to look for their beneficial features; they should be efficient, profitable, and hold a better marketplace. We have researched and compiled the above list for this purpose so you can find out what works best in your favor.


Are crypto trading bots profitable?

Crypto trading bots are very profitable if they are configured well. One must backtest them and define their strategy before going live to understand the market and generate the maximum profit possible.

Free crypto trading bots provide most of the essential features for beginners, however, the paid version of the bots is needed for advanced market traders.

Yes, they do. Professional crypto trading bots work precisely as they are crafted with prediction, automation, and order placement execution technology.

If used with proper research, crypto trading bots conduct safe transactions and avoid losing money during situations like market crash.

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