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The 10 Best Bitcoin Lightning Wallets of 2024

One of the most defining crises of the decade came in 2008, and to the heels of that, Bitcoin was launched. Bitcoin was introduced to the world as a “peer-to-peer electronic cash system.” It was quite reliable for some time, but upgrading was needed afterward. At that time, “Lightning Network” was introduced, which changed the overall digital financial market. The factor for this was its network’s transaction processing speed; not only did it make the settlement fast, but it also reduced the associated fee.

Lightning Network is in its initial stage in the financial market, but it holds much potential for the future. Still, certain wallets support the lightning network and its services. Let’s get a few insights about the lightning network and then go through the wallets.

What is a Lightning Network?

A lightning network (LN) was introduced as a second-layer protocol over the blockchain. It was created to make the payments more scalable and reduce transaction costs. There is a network of nodes that store the funds in this channel, and are later used to send payments quickly without waiting for any on-chain verification. There is no third-party intermediary, and it offers low transaction costs; this makes the system efficient for various applications.

It has been a few years since the launch of the 1st version of the lightning network in 2018. However, some wallets have accepted its features and supported LN and its services over the years.

Top 10 Bitcoin Lightning Wallets 2024

1. Speed Wallet

Speed wallet is the most reliable global solution for fast and fraud-proof Bitcoin transactions. With this custodial wallet, send and receive your Bitcoin on a lightning network, one of the most secure wallets from which you can spend Bitcoin as an everyday service without any KYC. Its advanced features allow you to withdraw your BTC wallet balance into any other third-party wallet that can store it.

With Speed Bitcoin Wallet you can create a payment link or scan a QR code for easy payments anywhere. Speed envisions making Bitcoin accessible to all so everyone can explore its potential. Apart from a small network fee charged by the miners, Speed does not charge any transaction fee. For the users, Speed provides easy-to-remember personalized LN addresses and supports LN URLs for smooth transactions.

This advanced wallet facilitates the user to conduct real-time transactions with a secured infrastructure, ensuring trust within. Speed Wallet makes sure that it complies with all the regulatory bodies across the globe and protects the user’s data by strengthening it for better app security through 2FA, end-to-end encryption, and enhanced compatibility with multiple platforms.

One can download Speed Wallet for Android and IOS and experience seamless crypto transactions.


  • Send and receive Bitcoin without the need for KYC.
  • Sign up with simple steps to continue fast transactions.
  • Utmost security and accessible storage of pre-existing Bitcoins.
  • 0% transaction fee, only a small network fee is applied by the miners. .
  • Access to different merchant features directly through the wallet.


  • Currently supports only Bitcoin.

2. Muun Wallet

Muun is a Bitcoin wallet that makes Bitcoins easy to send, receive, and store. It is simple to set up and secure with advanced features like multi-signature and hierarchical deterministic wallets. Users can control their private keys and restore and back up the wallet. Transactions can be monitored in real-time, and enabled notifications every time you receive funds or payments.

Wallets’ streamlined user interface makes sending and managing the currency easy. Users can view their balance and transactional history at any time and set up recurring payments. Allows instant and cheap transactions using a lightning network with a fee selection option. This wallet has a separate transaction screen that is readily available in the wallet tab.


  • Almost free transaction with Bitcoin Lightning wallet.
  • Instead of only fiat money, it allows you to show your Bitcoins as BTC.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy operability.
  • A single balance for transactions is used to maintain funds among on-chain and lightning easily.
  • Facility of wallet lock in case your device gets stolen.


  • Being a hot wallet, it is susceptible to internet hackers.
  • Muun does not support CoinJoin to anonymize Bitcoin transactions.
  • It functions on ‘Lightning Network’ but does not have the facility to support LNURL.

3. Zap Wallet

The Zap wallet allows users to manage their lightning payments without relying on any custodial service or centralized third party. Users have complete control over the funds and payments. All of these funds are secured with private keys but not on the Zap server; it does not have any custodial service and hence uses external sources for the storage of keys.

Users can set custom payment channels that lessen the fee over lightning network payments. The wallet is coming up with a TOR feature that promises to offer privacy like never before and will provide the power to conceal not only the identity but the transaction details, too.


  • Users can buy Bitcoin over the lightning network with real-time conversion of fiat to BTC.
  • Runs over a full Bitcoin node with the help of its superb UI.
  • Flexible platform for both experienced and beginners.
  • Easy swap between BTC, SAT, and bits.
  • Custom fee system for transaction priority.


  • Wallets sometimes don’t allow you to buy Bitcoin through it.
  • There is no support for altcoins in the wallet.
  • Some of its critical features generate security concerns.

4. Breeze Wallet

Breez is a dynamic, non-custodial lightning wallet that works as an addition to the Bitcoin transaction ecosystem. It is an innovative platform for lightning wallets due to its unique way of handling channels through a feature called zero-conf channels. These channels are instantly active and allow the users to start spending their funds just after they receive them.

This wallet also automates complex channel operations like inbound liquidity and routing. Breez has linked the wallet platform with the podcast player. Allows the users to stream stats to a content creator; this makes a unique balance of the entertainment industry with Bitcoin transactions. Breez is running its beta version which is quite adequate, with only fear of customers losing their funds in the test case.


  • Provides an excellent POS operating system.
  • Beginners-friendly interface to operate.
  • Users can swap between display currencies.
  • Operates over its lightning routes.
  • Conversion among various currencies at a time.


  • Limited to Bitcoin only.
  • Custom routes can not be set with it.
  • It is only available as a mobile version of the wallet.

5. Wallet of Satoshi

Wallet Satoshi has maintained its reputation by keeping a user-friendly interface. Accessible for beginners and experienced users in a similar manner. Its design ensures smooth and minimalistic navigation through the wallet app. This service provider stores the Bitcoin and takes care of open payment channels, being a zero-configuration mobile custodial wallet.

This may be a downside for some people considering taking complete control over their Bitcoins. But it is very convenient for people who prefer ease of use. The wallet app is compatible with iOS and Android platforms. Here, the device serves as the username of the person, and one can use the application as long as they have the device.


  • Users can send Bitcoins from an exchange and purchase them in their wallet.
  • The app locates merchants that accept LN payments and offers scan and pay.
  • The wallet is well-operable, even for the beginners.
  • In-built gateway facility from fiat to crypto.
  • In-house Point-of-sales system for businesses.


  • The trade-off between convenience and control.
  • Charges are high for the purchase of BTCs.

6. Electrum Wallet

An open-source and decentralized wallet maintained by a network of independent users. This wallet keeps the funds secured, and they remain in control of the user. With Electrum, no personal information is required for any functions, making it an excellent choice for people looking for a lightning wallet that retains their privacy. Electrum is exclusively a Bitcoin lightning wallet and does not add other assets to your wallet needs.

Manually setting fees is not available for Bitcoin lightning transactions because costs are determined by the network conditions and routing associated with the payments. There is a compulsion to keep a minimum of two mBTC in your wallet account so that you can operate lightning wallets. The software of this Bitcoin lightning wallet is simple to its core but needs a hands-on crypto wallet that can take some time to get used to.


  • Facility to create custom lightning channels for all sizes of Bitcoin transactions.
  • Open-source applications compatible with the hardware wallets.
  • No-frills Bitcoin storage experience with fast and secure Bitcoin trading.
  • An added layer of security with passwords and 2-factor authentication.
  • Its source code is available for people to inspect, evaluate, and enhance.


  • The customer support system is limited to documentation and updates they release; there is no direct support system.
  • Its compatibility with the devices is somewhat questionable.
  • Users can not diversify their assets as the Electrum wallet only supports Bitcoin.

7. Phoenix Wallet

This non-custodial Bitcoin wallet is one of the perfect wallets for lightning transactions. Phoenix is only available on mobile and is a secure option for those who are too concerned about their funds. This wallet exclusively supports Bitcoin for lightning transactions; other assets are available on-chain. It automatically opens up the channels for payments on your behalf with a channel creation cost of 1% of the transaction value with a minimum of 3,000 SATs.

Some businesses seek additional features, such as POS systems, which are not available with Phoenix. Hence, it can cause them to switch to such features and integrations. It supports both IOS and Android versions that cover the majority of mobile devices. The On-the-fly feature of this lightning wallet allows users to increase liquidity without any complex procedure.


  • Non-custodial and focuses on the security and user’s ease with its intuitive interface.
  • Upfront when it comes to fees and maintains transparency amongst the user and platform.
  • Automatically supports your channels generated for payments with a minimum charge of 1% is applied.
  • Users can conduct trustless swaps with other exchanges and trade in those crypto assets.


  • Phoenix wallets connect only with ACINQ nodes.
  • There is a criterion of must receive 10,000 sats; after that, a user is eligible to utilize the lightning network to send and receive funds.
  • Charges for automatically creating channels are high.

8. Eclair Wallet

Eclair is an Android-only Bitcoin wallet that provides the option to be connected to the lightning network. It runs on a stripped-down lightning node on the mobile phone and computes your device’s payment routes. This offers better privacy than wallets, which rely on third parties to calculate the routes.

In terms of security, Eclair is highly advanced with encryption, backup and restore capability, 2FA, and open-source hardware wallets. Its advanced features include multi-path payments and channels, making it versatile for most experienced users. The interface by the Eclair is easy to use, even for beginners.


  • Near instant finality in payments and no risk of double spending.
  • Two-tiered architecture for Bitcoin payments.
  • To settle transactions, there is no wait for the blockchain to confirm it.
  • Wallet is equipped with a host of security features ensuring the funds are safe.


  • All the lightning channels are outbound only
  • Users can pay using the lightning network but not receive or forward any payment without any pre-existing medium.
  • A full eclair node needs to be run for a complete LN experience.

9. Blue Wallet

With this Bitcoin lightning wallet, users can make quick and secure payments. Some of its wide range of features are custom invoices, seed backups, and 2FA. It has been constantly upgraded and improved by the developer community. Making the users assured of their coins and their safety. The vault of Blue Wallet holds up a large amount of cryptocurrency for relatively long periods.

Blue Wallet supports multiple types of wallets, but if you want to use a lightning network, then users have to set up and connect to a node. As setting up the node can be complex, this wallet is suggested to be used by advanced users rather than beginners. It can be said that this wallet is best for those who have good knowledge of LN.


  • In-app facility to create multiple wallets.
  • Users can set their payment routes and nodes.
  • Its storage vaults can be used for long terms without any charges.
  • Performs well as a portfolio management tool.


  • This wallet is only operable over a mobile device.
  • There are high fees for using the blue wallet nodes and routes.

10. Zeus Wallet

A popular alternative of platforms that provides automated payment channels. It is feasible for people who want total control over their LN wallet and its nodes. This wallet needs the manual information of a node to become functional, making it a strong option for those who like to host their lightning nodes.

Zeus wallets allow users to transact over the lightning network at zero processing fee, making it an affordable option compared to the platforms that charge a premium rate for operating a lightning wallet. Other routing and transaction cost varies based on the payment channels and the node that you have selected.


  • No processing fees for operating over a node.
  • Total control over the funds that exist in the LN wallet.
  • Native POS systems exist with the wallet.
  • Suitable for businesses that are open to accepting Bitcoin lightning payments.


  • The LN wallet is custodial but can be susceptible to the risks associated with the dealing of funds.
  • Requires some kind of technical knowledge to set up the wallet that can need expertise.

Benefits of using a Lightning Network Wallet

Lightning network is desirable for payments due to certain unique features that it provides:

  • It enhances the capacity of the Bitcoin network up to a great extent.
  • Without any network configuration, transactions can be settled in an instant or a few seconds
  • Only a tiny fee applies to transactions operating over the LN nodes.
  • From large to small, every transaction is possible through a lightning network. The most minor marketing possible is 1/1000th of 1 satoshi.
  • There is no need to integrate any exchange for funds transfer to do real-time trade of Bitcoin through a secured wallet.
  • Trade from crypto to crypto amongst blockchains, e.g., BTC to ETH.
  • Privacy, as only the amount of transaction is visible over the blockchain.


The growing influence and adaptability of the lightning network are getting bigger day by day. LN, being a scalable payment protocol, enables micropayments that are instant, scalable, and low-cost at the same time. Transactions get settled without needing a third party. Hence, the fee is low, and the transaction speed is faster. With these wallets and services, you can utilize the features of a lightning network. If you have not tried any of the wallets yet, it is high time to experience one and bring out the convenience you are looking for in a mode of payment.

What is the future of Bitcoin lightning wallets?

If many people consider using Bitcoin in the future, it will be convenient to use LN for everyday transactions, and it will be the new currency of the future.

Basic features like storage, transaction fee, ease of use, and settlement time make an efficient Bitcoin lightning wallet.

Speed wallet is the best Bitcoin lightning wallet as it maintains transparency and settles the transfer in milliseconds. This wallet can be used on Android and IOS devices, making it the most accessible wallet of all.

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