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How To Use Bitcoin? A Helpful Guide For Newbies

Bitcoin entered the market as a new breed of asset in 2009. It came with a learning curve on how to use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and many other similar questions like what you need to operate this currency. How to obtain and secure it? And many more. Being a decentralized currency, it is accessible globally and can be used in day-to-day life. Some may think it is necessary to understand Bitcoin deeply before using it, but that’s different here. Bitcoin can be easily used if you are somewhat aware of it.

This article will show us how to use Bitcoin in multiple financial sectors.

How to use Bitcoin as an Investment?

Investors often take over highly profitable and less volatile assets, but Bitcoin has grabbed their attention due to its unique features and protocols. Also, it was an unfamiliar landscape for traditional financial investors, and hence, they chose to give this cryptocurrency a try. There can be many indirect ways to invest in Bitcoin, but there are two main ways: a merchant or a person can use Bitcoin as an investment.

• Invest in exchange-traded funds

The first Bitcoin-linked ETF was launched in October 2021. Through these exchange-traded funds, one can invest in the future contracts of Bitcoin. It is efficient for investors to invest in Bitcoin with the security and satisfaction of ETFs. Through Bitcoin ETFs, everyday investors can expose their portfolios to volatile assets without interacting with online crypto exchanges or wallets.

There is a similar concept of Bitcoin trust funds; this is offered by a digital currency assets manager, Grayscale Investments. Apart from Bitcoin trust (GBTC), there is an Ethereum classic trust (ETCG); both are publicly traded, meaning anyone can get them through brokers. ETFs are considered a better investment option because sometimes they trade at a premium, implying that the shares of GBTCs cost more than Bitcoin.

Some investors pay extra to buy Bitcoins, especially with traditional exchanges, so they are free from the worry of wallets and currency storage.

• Buy from exchanges and hold as an investment

An effortless way to use Bitcoin is to utilize it as an investment. One can buy Bitcoin from some top crypto exchanges and then hold them for future needs. These exchanges carry different fees and protect the customers, too. All such features vary with other exchange platforms; hence, you should research well before opting for one.

These coins can be used in stacking and validating transactions on the proof-of-stack protocol and after that use your coins to make online purchases. You can invest or trade with them whenever you want or convert them into any form of fiat currency. Some of the best exchange platforms also support a range of crypto assets known for high returns over-invested values.

How to use Bitcoin in lending?

Crypto or Bitcoin lending is depositing the currency that is lent out to the borrowers. In return, you receive regular interest over the payment; these can be compounded daily, weekly, or monthly. As per the market’s needs, there are centralized and decentralized lenders; both can offer high-interest rates on annual percentage yield. Due to a high-risk market, the borrower must deposit collateral to access the required coins. As one of the rising platforms to use Bitcoin, lending can help you enhance your assets in varied ways. Let’s see how to use Bitcoin to unlock the potential of the lending market.

• Became a DeFi lender

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is a platform that offers lending services without being centrally controlled and is managed by smart contracts. Loans through DeFi are instant, and with dApps, connect to digital wallets, access funds on time, and check out the deposited collateral at the same place. Users can deposit Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency with the help of a digital wallet and earn interest that compounds on a minute-by-minute basis. These wallet apps can be used to send and receive Bitcoins.

One of the significant differences when considering a DeFi from a central lender is that in the former, the deposited collateral earns interest even when connected with a loan. This benefits both the lender and the borrower. Significant factors of DeFi that attract users are

  • Not centrally controlled
  • Instant interests
  • Easy to collab with a digital wallet
  • Benefits to both the borrower and lender

• Use the central Bitcoin lending platform

In lending, the depositor earns crypto rewards while the borrower gets the required coins or tokens without directly getting them from the market. These forms of central lending platforms have gained popularity in recent years. When the lending platforms use depositors’ currency for crypto loans, they earn interest. In this, the deposit account functions similarly to a bank account. As a user, you deposit your currency, and the platform rewards you.

Further, these platforms can use your Bitcoin currency as their asset and provide it to the borrowers or implement it for other investment purposes. Crypto loans are offered as a collateralized product, which means to get the cash or crypto, a borrower has to put an asset of 100% valuation in custody. The platforms keep all the data secured and verify the legitimacy of both parties before conducting any transactions.

How to use Bitcoin against borrowing?

Borrowing can be handy if you need a different cryptocurrency or are looking for a cash alternative without converting your currency into fiat. Borrowers can register on any crypto lending platform, and in return for collateral, they can borrow cash or other crypto assets and tokens. Crypto borrowing is always overcollateralized and is much more secure than any peer-to-peer lending or borrowing. Know how to use Bitcoin as a leading currency for all your borrowing needs.

• Borrow cash using Bitcoin as collateral

In crypto lending platforms, there is a mandatory rule of keeping a collateral of 100% or up to 150% for the amount you want in return. Bitcoin is no doubt the best and highly valuable digital currency. Hence, you can make money or cash alternatives from the platform by putting up Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

It works similarly to a bank, where you put something as collateral and get the funds in return. And when you want your asset back, pay back the amount and charges applied to it.

Let’s understand it with an example: Mr. Joe has 1 BTC worth USD 15,000 and needs a loan of USD 5,000 at an interest of 8% per annum. Now, Mr. Zane has stablecoins of USD 5000, which he is ready to give at the rate Mr. Joe wants. For this, Mr. Zane will keep 1 BTC as collateral. Once Joe pays the amount with interest, Zane will return the Bitcoin to Joe. The loan to value (LTV) in this transaction is 33.33%. Here, Mr. Zane can liquidate the BTC if Mr. Joe is not able to pay the loan, and after that, he will return the balance amount.

How to use Bitcoin in trade?

Trading has been a source of extra income by making money from your own money. With all kinds of regulatory glares and investor coverage, this Bitcoin can be easily used in trading. Bitcoin is a highly volatile asset; its valuation can shift to extreme ends in no time, which makes it essential for people to have sufficient knowledge about how to use Bitcoin and its trade facilities to make safe and navigated decisions.

• Trade using crypto exchanges

There are multiple crypto exchanges that allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on your own time. These platforms provide a wide range of crypto assets that can be exchanged for your existing currency, or you can buy them directly with the use of app platforms. Some exchanges provide advanced features like connectivity with the wallet, fee limits, and free bots for trading strategies. With the help of crypto exchange platforms, people can use Bitcoin to its full potential.

• Use a stock trading platform

Some international companies that accept Bitcoin and other crypto payments allow users to buy their stocks by paying in the same. It is considered one of the better options for trade as you can build an asset in exchange for Bitcoins. This keeps the currency flow in the market and is deemed more reliable than commodity trade. Some of the stock trading platforms charge no minimum fee for Bitcoin trading.

Online brokers provide you with a platform where you can keep track of your portfolio and analyze the market status of various stocks. It helps eliminate the risks associated with it and trade in stocks that are of low-risk factors and suitable for the individual needs of users.

• Use Bitcoin wallet softwares for regular trades

Some traders or market analysts make sure to complete their trades daily. For such frequent transactions, Bitcoin wallets are helpful. One can send and receive Bitcoins with a few clicks. These wallet apps keep track of your transactions and maintain everything in your dashboard. You can directly link the trading platform with the wallet and conduct overall transfers on the go.

Without any additional cost, you can trade globally and receive the funds at the end of the day. Users can safeguard their assets, buy, sell, and swap them as per their needs. With total control of the users, there is no interference from the third party, and all the data remains secure.

How to use Bitcoin as your everyday currency?

As you have seen above, Bitcoin is valuable in multiple fields and is becoming a currency of daily use. Users who want to know how to use Bitcoin can bring this currency into their lives by enabling payments through Bitcoin. One can shop with it from local retailers to any gas station; this can be made possible with One QR or a payment link. With Bitcoin, you can pay for everyday purchases and pay for the same in real time.

Compared to traditional payment methods, using Bitcoin in daily life is less expensive. For instance, there are charges associated with credit cards, but with Bitcoin, there are no extra expenditures. If you are a shop owner, then Bitcoin is a better alternative to accept in day-to-day life. As soon as the customer initiates a transaction, it gets settled in the receiver’s account. These simple yet effective features of Bitcoin are helpful and make it a currency of everyday use.


From investment to trade to everyday use, Bitcoin is useful in all aspects of payments. There may be an impact of volatility over it, but this future currency fits in all the blocks. If you stay up to date with every possible Bitcoin news and event you must know the possibilities of how to use Bitcoin, then the usability of this currency is much easier for you by proper market movement analysis. The Crypto and Bitcoin market is still developing, and it is high time you include it in your portfolio and incorporate the potential of Bitcoin usage as a part of your business and daily life.

How to buy using Bitcoin?

Sign in with a wallet or bitcoin payment processor, pay to the merchants who accept crypto as an alternative, or shop from local retailers who are open to Bitcoin payment. By this means, you can get anything you need by using Bitcoins.

Yes, Bitcoin transactions run over blockchain protocol and are verified by the miners; the transfer history is also kept safe. Hence, all the transactions are free from chargebacks and can not be invalidated by any parties.

Yes, Bitcoin also allows lending, borrowing, and stacking, which provides profits on your existing funds in the form of rewards or interests.

Beginners can use Bitcoin as an investment or can trade in the market. They can incorporate the usage of Bitcoin in their day-to-day life by making it a source of primary payment methods.

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