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12 Ways You Can Spend Bitcoins This Christmas

The holiday season is just around the corner. It is one of the best times to buy yourself and your loved ones gifts and meaningful experiences at an unbeatable price.

A report from Adobe reveals that US consumers spent over $9.8 billion online during the Black Friday sale, that’s a 7.5% increase over the last year. This holiday season, the numbers are bound to exceed. And Bitcoin may play a significant role in boosting holiday season sales.

If you are seeking to exchange your Bitcoins for experiences and causes that matter to you, this blog is for you. Here, we have highlighted the top things and experiences you can buy with Bitcoins. If that sounds exciting, let’s get going!

Here’s how you can spend Bitcoins this Holiday Season

1. Bitcoin for holiday shopping

Being one of the oldest and most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is widely accepted across several online shopping platforms, either directly or through an intermediary. You can spend your Bitcoins to get gift cards for popular platforms like Amazon, Adidas, H&M, Home Depot, Ikea, and many more. Thus, you can buy everything from clothes and accessories to jewelry and watches with Bitcoins.

2. Travel around the world

You can travel anywhere in the world with Bitcoins. For instance, CheapAir, an American travel agency, lets you pay for your flights and hotels with Bitcoins. Travala is yet another platform for booking flights, stays, and activities with Bitcoins. They also offer cashback rewards and discounts when you book with crypto. In addition to this, over 15,000 businesses around the world accept Bitcoins. Thus, you can spend Bitcoins for goods and services almost anywhere.

3. Space travel tickets

Did you know you can fly to space with Bitcoins? Well, that’s true. In 2013, Virgin Galactic became the first company to offer tickets to space with Bitcoin. A year later, in January 2014, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss traded their Bitcoins to get space tickets for each one of them. Thus, if you are thinking of doing something out of the world, Virgin Galactic has you covered. Literally!

4. Gadgets

If you are a gadget enthusiast, several companies accept Bitcoins on their websites. A few of them include Newegg, AT&T, and Twitch. During the holiday season, they offer exclusive cashback to users paying via Bitcoin. Several other large and small-scale companies also allow users to purchase items via Bitcoins. For instance, the Japanese eCommerce giant Rakuten allows Bitcoin transactions.

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5. Luxurious Cars

Many car dealers already accept Bitcoin payments. BitCars — a global car marketplace, lets buyers use Bitcoin to buy premium luxury cars. Recently, Ferrari, an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, also announced they would start accepting Bitcoin payments. Thus, if you are planning to buy luxury cars this Holiday season with Bitcoins, you are covered.

6. An experience on a yacht

You can get yourself a luxurious yacht with Bitcoin. Platforms like Yacht Zoo, Denison Yachting, SuperYachtsMonaco, and many more let you buy or charter yachts directly with Bitcoins. These yachts are available across the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Europe. With Bitcoins, all your purchases will remain 100% anonymous, thus giving you the freedom to spend your holidays however you desire.

7. Exquisite Mansion

A decade ago, the idea of buying a house with Bitcoin may sound crazy. But today, that’s a real thing. You can trade your Bitcoin for real estate in many parts of the world. Platforms like Pacaso let you buy luxury homes with Bitcoins. So, if you are looking to diversify your investments or get yourself a fancy mansion this Christmas, Bitcoin has got you covered.

8. Jewelry and expensive accessories

A good number of luxury goods brands and manufacturers have started accepting Bitcoin payments. Emerged in 2016, BitDials became one of the first crypto-only marketplaces for exclusive watches and jewelry. It offers watches from brands such as Rolex, Breguet, Omega, and other high-end watches. Many other brands and independent jewelry shops and businesses have partnered with payment processors like Speed to facilitate Bitcoin payments.

9. Restaurants and cafes

Restaurants and cafes have been accepting Bitcoins for several years now. A few popular fast-food restaurant chains, including KFC, Subway, and Burger King, accept Bitcoins at some outlets. Apart from this, you can also order food and groceries online via Grubhub, Instacart, DoorDash, etc., with gift cards purchased from platforms like Bitpay.

10. Gift cards

If you are seeking to surprise your loved ones, consider getting them gift cards. They are one of the most common and highly preferred presents as they allow the recipient to choose anything they want. Platforms like Bitrefill and Bitpay let you buy gift cards for a wide range of brands and businesses. This includes everyone from eCommerce giants like Amazon to fashion brands like Gap and Macy’s. Once purchased, you can send the gift cards via email or social media apps.

11. Personalized gifts

You can purchase personalized gifts for your loved ones via platforms like Etsy. There are many similar platforms that directly accept Bitcoins. You can also use platforms like Bitrefill to purchase gift cards for brands like Harry & David, Personalization Universe, and many more.

12. Gift a smile

Leading NGOs, including UNICEF, The Water Project, Isha Foundation, Save The Children, and many more, accept Bitcoin donations. This holiday season, give a smile to someone and make a difference with your Bitcoin.

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Final words

This Christmas, use Satoshis to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for an adventurous getaway, a relaxing retreat, or a unique learning opportunity, there’s something for everyone that can be purchased with Bitcoin. So don’t limit yourself to the classics. Try something new. With a little creativity, you can use Bitcoin to make this holiday season truly special.

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